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10 Fluffy Bunny Facts

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Rabbit Facts

Who doesn't love rabbits? Are you thinking of adding a couple to your loving family? Have a read through our ten bunny facts below and learn more about these adorable creatures before you become a proud bunny owner.

  1. Rabbits are prey animals and this fact does affect their behaviour. They are mainly active in the morning around dawn and in the evening; this is because they like to hide during the day to prevent being spotted by their predators.

  2. Rabbits have an amazing sense of smell; this is useful for looking for food and for smelling for threats like predators.

  3. These fluffy creatures are very fast and smart when they are trying to avoid being captured, by their owners and by predators too. The hind legs are very strong and they can reach up to fifty miles an hour, but only for short periods.

  4. Rabbits are very sociable creatures, often living in burrows with fifty or more other rabbits, which are then split into different families within the group. This is why it is important not to buy just one rabbit, keep them in pairs as they like the company.

  5. These cute pets will eat their own droppings, to extract as much goodness as possible.

  6. Rabbit’s teeth grow very quickly and this can lead to painful problems and expensive trips to the vets. You can help your rabbits by providing plenty of grass and fresh hay each day as these help to wear down the teeth. Use a rabbit run to ensure your rabbits have plenty of grass to eat.

  7. Female rabbits, does, can get pregnant within hours of giving birth and it is very important to get them neutered as soon as possible, males too. Females can give birth to approximately thirty babies within a season. This is one of the reasons so many rabbits are abandoned or left living in poor conditions.

  8. Rabbits are very clever animals and they make very rewarding pets providing you are patient and calm. You can teach rabbits to use litter trays and to follow several commands when using rewards and positive training.

  9. Warrens are very large and can spread over two acres! Rabbits love space so give them a generous sized hutch and a large rabbit run so they’re able to run around.

  10. Rabbits communicate with each other using scent, sounds and different body postures.

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