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3 Safety Tips for Rabbits this Halloween

Lynette Hammond |

Halloween tips for rabbit owners

Halloween is a fun time for all the family and the neighbourhood. But that doesn't mean there aren't a few steps you can take to ensure the safety of your rabbit. Read through our three tips so you and your fluffy pets can have a fun and safe Halloween.

Trick or Treat

Most people will be happy accepting treats and won’t go as far as playing a trick if no one answers the door. However, it is better to make sure your rabbit is safe and not at risk of being involved in a prank, just to be on the safe side.  Make sure the rabbit hutch is not visible from the path or front door and lock the gate to your back garden if you have one. Consider moving your rabbit into a safe location for a few hours if you’re unable to secure the hutch in the garden.

The Pumpkin

Don’t be tempted to give your rabbit the pumpkin to eat after it has been carved and had a candle inside it. Rabbits do eat pumpkins, but it needs to be fresh and not tainted by smoke or wax.  If you have spare pumpkin it is safe to feed your rabbit a small amount as the flesh and seeds have a high calorie count and too much will cause an upset stomach. Also note that rabbits can eat the skin, flesh and the seeds.

House Rabbits

Here are a few things to remember if you have a house rabbit or decide to bring the rabbit in the home for safety.

  1. Bunny proof the room that your rabbit is in – take the time to move any wires and cables out of reach.

  2. Move the pumpkins and any other decorations off the floor and out of reach.

  3. Place your rabbit in a room away from the front door. Frequent knocking and noise can be alarming and threatening to your pet.

  4. Make sure your family know to keep sweets and treats away from the rabbit and to pick up the wrappers and waste so your rabbit doesn’t fall ill from eating things it shouldn’t.

We hope you all have a fun-filled spooky Halloween!

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