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3 Simple Rabbit Run Buying Tips

Lynette Hammond |

Rabbit run buying tips

Exercise is important for all rabbits, along with indulging in their natural desire to graze. Rabbits love to hop, jump and play around with a variety of toys that helps to recreate their natural environment. The exercise helps to keep rabbits active, healthy and happy. A rabbit run gives rabbits some freedom outdoors in a safe environment that keeps them and you happy, but what do you need to consider before you buy a rabbit run?

Enough Space

The rabbit run needs to be spacious enough for your rabbit to stretch out and hop about. Ideally the run should be around 6 to 8 foot and at least 3ft high. A smaller run would be fine for a smaller rabbit, but always consider their size and the number of rabbits that will be using the run at the same time.

Safety Factors

A rabbit run needs to have an enclosed roof so that they are fully protected from foxes and other predators.  The roof is also necessary as rabbits can easily jump out if given the chance and this means they’ll be let loose in your garden or even escape.

Protection from the Elements

When the weather is fine you’ll need to ensure your rabbit is protected from the sun. If the run is all wire, move it to areas of the garden that are shaded, or look for a run that has built in cover, such as the 6ft Westbury run.  You can create shade using a blanket if you have a garden with no shaded areas and a wire rabbit run.  Your rabbits will need a constant supply of water to keep hydrated while they are exercising.  Protect your rabbit using a sheet of plastic if it’s raining and move your rabbit into the hutch if the weather takes a turn for the worse.

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