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3 Tips to Enrich Your Rabbits' Life

Lynette Hammond |

Rabbit enrichment tips

Many parents buy rabbits because they think they are ‘easy’ pets. Sadly, this often means rabbits end up being neglected, left in their hutches and runs to occupy themselves. It’s a lonely existence, but you can make their lives happier by spending time with your rabbit and introducing new activities and forms of exercise.  We have three ways of entertaining your rabbit that the whole family can enjoy but more importantly, that will make your rabbit happier and healthier.

  1. Cardboard box play

Cardboard boxes come in and out of the home all the time. Before you recycle the boxes you can use them to make your rabbit happier. Fill the box full of hay and hide a couple of treats inside and your pets will love searching and digging inside.  Stronger boxes can be used as different platforms for your rabbit to jump up on. You can also create obstacle courses with multiple boxes or cut holes the sides and create a maze. The options are only limited by your imagination.

  1. Having a dig

Planters, old sandpits and crates can be used as safe digging spaces for your fluffy friend. Fill the low container with straw or soil and let your rabbit do what she loves to do. Add some extra fun by burying some treats, branches or chew toys. Rabbits love to chew branches and sticks and it’s really useful for helping to wear down their teeth naturally, just make sure they are safe and not treated with any chemicals. You can buy safe rabbit chew toys here.

  1. Clicker training

Many pet owners don’t realise that rabbits can be trained, but they can! Rabbits are very intelligent and they will respond to training sessions. One option is to clicker train your bunny, getting your rabbit to do what you ask in response to the sound of a click. You need patience but it’s a lot of fun and very rewarding for both you and your rabbit. Here are some tips on how to clicker train your rabbit from Rabbit Awareness.



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