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Essential Springtime Rabbit Hutch Checks

Lynette Hammond |

Hutch tips for springtimeWe’ve been enjoying some glorious weather recently, a big change for everyone and for the rabbits too. They’ve spent months snuggling in bales of straw to keep warm and now they can get out and savour the spring grass that’s now thriving in the sunshine.  As the weather is behaving we recommend you take a good look over your rabbit’s hutch and run to see how it faired throughout the winter. There are many problems that can be caused by age, general wear and tear and weather damage:

  • First of all it’s essential that you make sure your rabbits haven’t outgrown their hutch and run. They need enough space to hop at least three times, stretch out fully and stand up comfortably on their back legs.

  • Examine the roof and look for rips, splits and tears in the felt and wood.

  • Take a look inside the hutch for holes and splits along with signs of water damage, damp and mould.

  • The wire mesh may need to be repaired, secured and made safe for your rabbits.

  • Any additional winter insulation can be removed and stored.

  • Check the wire mesh of the rabbit run and repair any wires or nails that could injure your pets.

Be prepared to do a bit of DIY if the damage and repairs aren’t too extensive. Minor roof repairs can be sorted out with some roof sealant but extreme damage will call for a full roof or hutch replacement. Add a layer of protective coating to the exterior of the hutch too increase the lifespan of your hutch. This is a job that will need to be repeated every two or three years. Remember to ensure that the wood preserver you’re using is water based and safe for pets.

We recommend carrying out these checks each spring and before the temperature’s drop at the end of Autumn/beginning of winter. If you have any questions regarding any of our quality hutches please contact the Home and Roost team for assistance.


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