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Springtime Rabbit Care Tips

Lynette Hammond |

Rabbit care tips for springtimeSpring is here. The lighter evenings, bluer skies and warmer weather certainly puts a spring in our steps and it’s the same for rabbits. It’s time, if you haven’t already, to move the hutches into the best position for the spring and summer months to come and let your rabbits get the most of the better weather.  Here are a few rabbit care tips to ensure your rabbit gets the best out of this wonderful season.

Time to Hop, Skip, Graze and Have Fun

Many rabbits spend far too long confined to cages and built in runs or inside homes during the colder months. Now is their time to get back out there and enjoy grazing on the fresh grass and relieve some of their stress that will have built up because of boredom and limited exercise options. Move the rabbit hutch to fresh patches of grass, alternating the area they spend time on. Consider buying a standalone hutch if you have one built beneath the hutch, this gives them some extra space and you the ability to provide easy ways of accessing new grassy spots.

Rabbit Proof the Garden

If you have a safe and enclosed garden you may let your rabbit roam free without any confinement. Please remember to check the garden for any toxic plants or weeds before giving your rabbit free reign of the space. Check the fencing too and provide some safe hiding places for your rabbit to run to if they feel threatened.

Check-Up Time

Spring is also the perfect time to book an appointment at the vets to have a check-up and vaccinations. Myxomatosis, haemorrhagic disease can be vaccinated against each year, something well worth doing to help prevent these dreadful deadly diseases. Remember to worm and use a flea treatment too. Finally, you may wish to microchip your rabbit, especially important if your rabbit is allowed to play in the garden without the safety of a hutch.

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