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Three Ways to Have Fun With Your Rabbit

Lynette Hammond |

Having fun with your rabbit

We all love to have cuddles with our bunnies, but what other ways are there to have fun? To answer this we need to look at what makes rabbits happy.

First of all rabbits like to feel safe, they are naturally scared and jumpy because they are prey to many predators. So before you can start having fun you need to set up a suitable area for some safe play where your rabbit will feel secure. You could bunny proof one of the rooms in your home or use a big run in the garden, it’s up to you and the one you choose will also depend on your home and garden. Once the security and safety of your rabbit has been addressed you can start having lots of fun by:

  1. Letting your rabbit enjoy the freedom to move around. Many rabbits all over the UK are trapped in their cages for most of the week. Rabbits don’t like this as they love to get exercise, stretch and jump. Lie down, get on the same level as your bunny and watch as they hop around, they will love it!

  2. Give your rabbit something new to play with. Rabbit toys are cheap and yet offer your bunny something new to explore and get their teeth into. Avoid toys made of plastics and make sure they are suitable for bunnies to avoid your rabbit getting sick. Look for natural toys that are designed to break boredom.

  3. Treat your rabbit to some new food. We don’t mean replace their hay with something else, hay is an essential part of your rabbit’s diet. What we do suggest is to offer a few leaves of something new alongside their usual hay. Learn about three everyday herbs rabbits love to eat

We hope you all have a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend with your rabbits, don’t forget to visit Home and Roost on Facebook and share your bunny photos with us!

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