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New Product Launch: Unique Squirrel Feeder Lunch Box and Picnic Table

New Product Launch: Unique Squirrel Feeder Lunch Box and Picnic Table

Clare Stone |

We are excited to announce that we’ve added a fantastic new squirrel feeder to our garden wildlife range and to celebrate the product launch we are giving away 3 in a free prize draw. 

It can be fun to watch squirrels playing in your garden. But not so much if they are stealing all your bird food or terrorising your trees.

A dedicated squirrel feeder filled with nuts or special squirrel food, and placed away from your bird table, is one of the best ways of keeping squirrels away from your bird food. 

But many of the squirrel feeders currently on the market feature a flip-up lid, which the squirrel lifts to get the food, then drops back into place. This can be noisy, (especially if the feeder is made of metal as many are) and can scare birds not to mention annoying humans. Some people even report squirrels repeatedly banging the lids of empty feeders to demand more food!

squirrel feeder

ur new squirrel feeder solves this problem with a unique swing lid, which lets the squirrels access their food but minimises noise. 

  • Unique fun and functional design. A mini picnic bench provides a perching spot for squirrels whilst the swing-top lunch box feeder keeps food dry and noise to a minimum.
  • Peg for mounting on a wall, fence or even a tree.
  • Sturdy solid wood construction to withstand the worst of the British weather. 
  • Anti-Bacterial treatment to keep the feeding area hygienic.
  • Environmentally Friendly FSC timber construction. 
  • Made in Kent, England. 

Key Features Include:


The squirrel lunchbox and feeder combo is priced at £23.99, with the option for customers to buy each part separately for £11.99.

Why Feed Squirrels?

Our squirrel feeder was designed by company founder Richard Brimm and his son and Director John.  Lifelong animal lovers John and Richard relish the challenge of coming up with fun and innovative product designs to pamper pets and help garden wildlife. 

The importance of feeding squirrels isn’t just about giving your garden birds some peace and quiet, it’s important for the environment too. 

If you are lucky enough to have our native red squirrels in your area then they need all the help they can get. They are endangered and conservationists are working hard to get them re-established. Part of the problem is habitat loss leading to food scarcity, So supplementary food we offer can be really helpful. 

Squirrel feeder

But even feeding greys does good as it can help to prevent the risk of tree damage. 

And squirrels of both colours have a vital role to play in supporting the ecosystem by accidentally planting millions of trees when they bury their nuts. 

Squirrels hide their food all over the place for meals later in the year. They will often carry their food quite some distance from where they have found to find the perfect, secret hiding place. Then, scientists believe they forget around one in ten of their stashes. 

This means that nuts and seeds are buried, or you might even say “planted” quite some way from the parent tree. So squirrels, along with Jays, have a really important role to play in the spread of woodland. 

WIN a Free Squirrel Feeder

To celebrate our new product launch we are giving away 3 of our fabulous new squirrel feeders in a free prize draw. To enter just:

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Entries close on Friday 21st January 2022. We can only ship to UK addresses. 

Good Luck!