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The Peace Nesting Box - Supporting Animal Welfare in Ukraine

The Peace Nesting Box - Supporting Animal Welfare in Ukraine

Clare Stone |

Every humanitarian crisis brings suffering for pets and domestic animals and the war in Ukraine is no exception. That's why we are supporting animal welfare charities working in Ukraine with the launch of the new Peace Nesting Box. All profits from the new product will be donated to charity.

“As animal lovers, we found it heartbreaking to watch the plight of pets and their owners as the war in Ukraine unfolded.” said Home & Roost Director, Alan Brimm.

It has been clear to see how much comfort the company of beloved pets has given to refugees fleeing the war zone. And the anguish caused when pets and domestic animals have to be left behind. 

HSI helping Ukraine Pets.
Credit: UAnimals

“We’ve formed close relationships with Ukrainian families who have worked with us over the years,” said Alan. “So it’s been no surprise to find that just like us Brits, the Ukrainians are a nation of animal lovers.”

That’s why, of all the very well deserving animal welfare charities working in Ukraine, we have chosen to support the Humane Society International with all profits from our new Peace Nesting Box. 

The Work of The Humane Society Internation in Ukraine

As well as providing grants and supplies to animal welfare groups and shelters in Ukraine, The Humane Society is focussing its efforts on helping refugee animals fleeing with their owners. 

Many refugees flee with little or no luggage, for themselves or their pets. So the Humane Society has so far provided more than 100,000 pet packs at border crossings to offer all-important creature comforts like food, treats, ID tags and puppy pads. 

The onward journey can be even more difficult for refugees with pets, with many transport companies refusing to carry animals. The Humane Society is working with 74 transport carriers to change those policies and is close to reaching an agreement with LOT, Poland’s national airline, to carry refugee pets for free. 

As refugee families and their pets disperse across Europe, veterinary care becomes a potentially costly priority. The Humane Society has set up Vets for Ukrainian Pets which will help to cover the cost of microchipping, vaccinations and other essential veterinary care. 

“It’s a thoughtful and compassionate response to a problem that goes far beyond the borders of war-torn Ukraine,” Alan commented, “Which is why we have chosen to donate all profits from our new Peace Nesting Box to The Humane Society International Ukraine Appeal.”

The Peace Nest Box: Key Features Include:

We have put extra care into the design and build of the peace nesting box. Like all our products it's handmade from sustainable timber here in our workshops in Kent. The box is the perfect size for blue tits and other small garden birds. and it's decorated in the blue and yellow of the Ukranian flag to show our support.

  • Ukrainian Colours to signal support for the people and animals of Ukraine,
  • 30mm entrance hole, perfect for blue tits and other small garden birds. 
  • Handmade in our workshops in Kent, England.
  • Made from sustainable timber, 2 trees planted for every one used. 
  • Twin-treated with anti-bacterial marcide coating to prevent disease spreading.
  • Supporting animal welfare in Ukraine with all profits (£10 per box) donated to The Humane Society International. 


The Peace Nesting Box is priced at £21.99 with all profits  - £10 per box - going to charity. 

First Steps

We know this is just a small contribution to what will need to be a huge and ongoing effort and we have more plans for support in the pipeline.