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9 Top Rabbit Toys | Best Boredom Busters For Your Bunny

9 Top Rabbit Toys | Best Boredom Busters For Your Bunny

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Nobody likes to be bored, and that includes your rabbits. So, how do you keep your bunny from getting bored?  Making sure they have company, space and daily interaction with you are all crucial. And enriching their environment with rabbit toys and boredom busters can help keep them happy too. Here are our top picks of the best boredom busters for your bunny.

Rabbits Have Social Needs

Rabbits are social animals. Few like to be alone. And though you should take time every day to play with your rabbits, most rabbits are happiest when they have a bunny buddy, too.

A properly bonded bunny pair (or group) can entertain one another and keep one another from being lonely or bored.

Rabbits Have Intellectual Needs

Rabbits are cute and fuzzy, but did you also know that they’re intelligent? It’s true. In fact, you can train your bunny to do tricks using a dog training clicker.

In addition to playing with your rabbits and teaching them tricks, give them rabbit toys and enrichment activities and accessories for when you’re away.

The Best Boredom Busters

So, what do rabbits like to play with?  What makes rabbit toys fun for your bun?


rabbit toys and boredom busters
"Making a puzzle" by jpockele is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Everyone loves puzzles, and rabbits do, too! Even better, combine a puzzle with treats, because who doesn’t love treats?

Rosewood Naturals Maze Challenge

Foraging is a natural bunny activity that many pet rabbits miss out on. The Rosewood Naturals Maze Challenge encourages your rabbits to forage and rewards curiosity with your choice of treats. 

And if your bunnies prefer to chew it instead? That’s just fine, as it’s made from edible corrugated cardboard. This engaging cardboard toy is suitable for indoors or out.

Rosewood Naturals Carrot Toy and Treat Holder

If you want a rabbit toy that will last a bit longer than cardboard, try this toy and treat holder from Rosewood Naturals. 

A wooden tray holds three wooden carrots. Your rabbits will enjoy taking the carrots out and exploring the device itself. For an additional challenge, you can raise the sides of the holder so that the carrots are harder to remove.

This toy is made from natural wood. It’s both non-toxic and chew-safe. 

Rosewood Naturals Fun Balls Trio

Cats aren’t the only ones who like to bat things around. Some rabbits really enjoy it, too!

This trio of wicker balls helps your bunnies to keep fit and active. They’re chew-friendly, too, and made from 100 percent natural materials, including rattan and seagrass.

Sharples Nib’l Cubes

Dog owners know that there’s nothing like a food puzzle for keeping a pup busy. Guess what? Rabbits love food puzzles, too. Sharples Nibble Cubes are a really good one.

These fun wooden shapes are hollow inside, and filled with a treat. But your bunny will have to work to get it! After they do, you can fill it with your own treats, and start the fun all over again.

These rabbit toys are made from chew-safe wood and comes in a package of three.

Chew Toys

Rabbits’ teeth are always growing. As a result, they need to keep them ground down. This is why rabbits will chew almost anything they can reach. Giving your rabbits something to chew on can help keep them from chewing stuff that they shouldn’t. And it’s fun for them, too - double win boredom busters.

Rosewood Naturals Rattle Rollers

Your bunny can chew these Rattle Rollers toys, but they may have so much fun they forget to.

Did you know that bunnies love to play fetch? That is, they love to throw stuff, and it’s up to you to fetch them! In addition to chewing these all-natural pet-safe rabbit toys, your rabbits can toss them around to their hearts’ content.

Bag O’ Chews

Does your bunny like to chew? Then let them chew on these: an entire bag of wooden shapes, coloured with pet-friendly dyes, fruit flavoured, and made to be chewed. Help to satisfy that chewing urge, and keep their teeth healthy, too.

Lounging Logs

Sometimes the simplest rabbit toys are the best. Lounging logs are natural sticks connected with wire into a flat surface. Some rabbits like to lie on the logs as they are, but you can also bend the wires to make a tunnel, a sling, a ramp, and other fun shapes.

The logs are, of course, made to be chewed. In fact, they’re non-toxic. Lounging Logs comes in different sizes for different pets.


Rabbits love to run through tunnels, to play hide ‘n’ seek, and to simply hang out inside. Make your own tunnels using cardboard boxes, or try some of these.

Rosewood Natural Hay ‘n’ Hide Play Tubes

These fun play tubes come in three sizes to provide fun for a variety of pets. They’re made from non-toxic, extra-thick cellulose and coated in meadow hay. And no worries; they’re made to be chewed.

Rosewood Naturals Activity Tunnel

If you want a tunnel that will last a bit longer than a cardboard one, try this fabric activity tunnel. It’s made from high quality polyester, which means easy cleanup. It’s also collapsable and easy to store. Best of all, you can connect several together to make a super tunnel. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. 

Rabbit Enrichment Buying Guide

What makes a great rabbit toy? We’re glad you asked.

Natural Behaviours

Bunny enrichment should help your bunny to express natural rabbit behaviours, such as:

  • Foraging
  • Digging
  • Chewing

bunny forage
"bunny forage" by davedehetre is licensed under CC BY 2.0

What to Avoid

If it’s in your rabbit’s environment, your rabbit will probably chew it. So toys have to be chew-safe. Be careful of:

  • Dyes, colourings, and treatments that could make your rabbit sick
  • Choking hazards
  • Things that can cause an obstruction

Quality Construction

Make sure that all of the products you buy are sturdy and made from materials that are non-toxic and unlikely to prove either a choking or obstruction hazard.

Found Objects

You don't have to buy commerically made products for your rabbit. Any of these can make a great boredom buster:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Tree branches
  • Large PVC tubes
  • Dig boxes

Nobunny Should Be Bored

Rabbits are clever and curious. They need to exercise their minds as well as their bodies. Toys are no substitute for playing with your rabbits, but they can help to stave off boredom when you’re not around. 

What do your rabbits like to play with? Do you have any suggestions for our readers? We’d love to hear them!