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Holiday Care for Your Rabbit

Holiday Care for Your Rabbit

Lynette Hammond |

As it is the summer holidays, many families are heading off on their annual holidays and enjoying a well-earned break. But what does this mean for the family rabbit? Well, you have two options:

  • Organising care for your rabbit at your home
  • Organising a stay with a rabbit boarding house

Home Sitters

Home care is considered to be the least stressful for your furry friend as it allows them to stay in their usual environment, in a suitable sized hutch and run that is the right size for a happy bunny.  It is down to you to find a responsible sitter for your rabbit. You could ask a member of your family, trusted friend or helpful neighbour or pay for a professional in your area. Before choosing the right person, remember that the person needs to feel confident with your rabbit and be aware of the checks and activities that they will need to carry out. To help your chosen sitter, we recommend printing or writing out a quick checklist that includes the following points.

Rabbit care on holiday

  1. Information on how to get hold of you and your registered vet in case of an emergency.
  2. To change the water twice a day, more during periods of hot or cold weather.
  3. Topping up the hay and cleaning out the litter tray if applicable.
  4. To feed your rabbit twice a day.
  5. Check for signs of flystrike and that the bottom is clean.
  6. Check over the hutch and run for any signs of damage or holes.
  7. To administer medication if applicable.

Before you leave for your adventure remember to stock up on all the essentials that the carer will need during your time away and go through the instructions with the sitter to ensure they know exactly what you expect from them.

Rabbit Boarding

The other option is to book a space in one of the boarding centres close to your home. Book up as soon as you know the dates of your holiday as they can fill up quite quickly. Before you book take the time to visit and read any reviews and testimonials from past guests. You will also need to make sure your rabbit is up to date on their vaccinations and booster shots.

When inspecting the boarder’s tale the time to look at the hutches, runs or other forms of housing they provide for rabbits. The accommodations need to be cleaned thoroughly so ask about the disinfectants that are used to help prevent the spread of disease or parasites. Rabbits also need to have space and time to run around and exercise and you should inspect these areas too. Remember that grass can help to spread diseases, so don’t be disappointed to find a concrete space for playing as this is easier to clean and disinfect.

It’s easy to organise last-minute breaks along with planned holidays. Remember to organise suitable care for your rabbits each time you leave the home for some time away.