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Hedgehog Houses

Give Hedgehogs a Safe Haven: Discover Our High-Quality, British-Built Wooden Hedgehog Houses for Nesting, Feeding and Hibernation

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Provide Shelter for Threatened Hedgehogs with Our Expertly Crafted Houses

Hedgehogs in the UK face increasing challenges as their natural habitats dwindle. As concerned wildlife enthusiasts, offering them safe shelter is one of the most impactful ways we can help. Our hedgehog houses are designed to provide the perfect environment for these precious creatures to nest, feed, and hibernate comfortably.

Crafted by skilled artisans in Britain, our hedgehog houses are built to the highest standards using sustainable, FSC-certified timber. As proud members of the Made in Britain campaign, we ensure that each house meets the ideal specifications for hedgehog well-being:

  • Spacious interiors for comfortable nesting and feeding
  • Predator-proof construction for ultimate safety
  • Felted roofs for insulation from summer heat and winter cold
  • Solid wood floors to keep hedgehogs dry and protected
  • Removable roofs for easy cleaning and food replenishment
  • Water-based wood preservative treatment for longevity and hedgehog safety
  • Antibacterial coating to prevent disease spread among visiting hedgehogs
  • Fully assembled upon delivery for your convenience

A Trusted Choice for Hedgehog Enthusiasts and Rescue Centers

Our commitment to quality and hedgehog welfare has made our houses a top choice among wildlife lovers and hedgehog rescue organizations across the UK.

Countless hedgehogs have found safe haven in our houses, and we take pride in knowing that our products make a genuine difference in their lives.

Create a Hedgehog-Friendly Haven in Your Garden

Whether you're looking to support local hedgehog populations or provide a cozy home for a rescued hedgehog, our houses offer the perfect solution.

Browse our selection of hedgehog houses today and join the growing community of wildlife advocates creating safe spaces for these delightful creatures. Together, we can ensure that hedgehogs have the shelter they need to thrive in our changing world.

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