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5ft Chartwell Double Luxury Guinea Pig Hutch

5ft Chartwell Double Luxury Guinea Pig Hutch



  • CHOOSE YOUR DELIVERY: Flexible Delivery Options
  • BRITSH MANUFACTURING: The only Guinea Hutches built in the UK
  • SIZE MATTERS:  Biggest 5ft Double Guinea Hutches on the market
  • HEAVY AND THICK: 10MM timber side panels and sleeping door
  • KEEP PREDATORS OUT: Only 5ft Hutch with Fox Proof 16 Guage Twin-Weald wire
  • STRETCH OUT: Largest sleeping area with arched divider
  • MAXIMISE SPACE: Center wired panel for hanging Water Bottles, Hay Feeders etc
  • EASY CLEANING: Removable door cleaning bar sweeps away waste
  • PEACE OF MIND: Ramp with side safety rails + Ramp trap door
  • PET AND NATURE SAFE: Waterbase treated (retreat between seasons)
  • GIVE YOUR PETS MORE: Run options available - increases playing space even more
  • 5 STAR CUSTOMER SERVICE: 30 Day No Quibble Money Back Guarantee

5ft Double Hutch Dimensions

  • Approx. Overall  5ft x 4ft x 2ft
  • Hutch Foot Print: 5ft x 2ft
  • Upper Sleeping Area: 560mm x 560mm
  • Legs: 100mm
  • Step up from the ground to the first floor: 140mm

Assembly Documents



The 5ft Chartwell Double Luxury Guinea Pig Hutch is a two-level home with one level above the other. The floors are connected by a ramp or stairs so your guinea pigs can easily travel between them. This is also great exercise for your pets. This hutch is a great size for anyone with more than one guinea pig that wants to provide a large home using minimal floor space.

5ft Chatwell Run Size (sold separately)
  • Width: 1500mm
  • Depth: 980mm
  • Height: 710mm
XL 5ft Chatwell Run Size (sold separately)
  • Width: 1500mm
  • Depth: 1980mm
  • Height: 710mm

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2 Floors and Loads of Room

At Home and Roost we want to make sure your guinea pigs have the best care possible. That is why we offer some of the largest hutches in the industry. A great example is the 5ft Chartwell Double Luxury Guinea Pig Hutch. Owners who have several guinea pigs will love how this hutch maximises living space while using as little floor space as possible.

This hutch has the largest amount of headroom available on the market and at nearly 2ft deep there is plenty of space for several guinea pigs to roam freely. This space also means you can include more activities or toys for your guinea pigs. These help prevent boredom and promotes exercise to keep your pets healthy and happy. The 5ft Chartwell Doubles design also incorporates a private area where your guinea pigs can hide, sleep or just enjoy. This is important for guinea pigs mental and physical health.

The hutch features two stories, a ramp for access to each floor, solid construction and an under door cleaning bar. The two stories provide plenty of space but the ramp between them is also very important. It does more than provide access, it is a source of exercise and it can help keep your guinea pig’s nails worn down. Home and Roost have also made sure each hutch is of the best quality Our 5ft Chartwell Double Luxury Guinea Pig Hutch has floors made from 10mm construction grade WBP plywood. The walls use 10mm Scandinavian wood with tongue and groove construction, We also use durable stainless steel mesh. All of our cages are even manufactured in the UK to ensure quality workmanship. Finally the under door cleaning bar is a feature that makes cleanup a breeze. You simply remove the bar and sweep out any mess in your guinea pigs cage.

H&R Recommendations

  • Why not add The Chartwell run to your purchase? It fits onto the front of this hutch and is an easy way to provide additional recreational space
  • Regular hutch cleaning will keep your pet healthy and extend the life of your hutch
  • Apply a water-based wood preservative between seasons to maintain the durability of your hutch
  • Always position in a safe and sheltered area in the garden


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