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6ft Folding Canterbury Guinea Pig Run

6ft Folding Canterbury Guinea Pig Run

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  • Scandinavian Pine Wood construction
  • Remove roof section and side panels collapse away for storage
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
  • 1”x ½” galvanised wire run panels
  • Hinged for easy assembly
  • Made in Great Britain
  • Weatherproofed with animal safe waterbased treatment
  • Easy diagram instructions
  • 30 Day No Quibble Money Back Guarantee

Folding Run Dimensions

  • Height: 48cm
  • Width: 100cm
  • Length: 181cm
  • Floor Space 19.59 ft²

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Do you need a 6ft Guinea Pig Run that folds down to a convenient size for storing but don’t want to scrimp on security and quality?

Designed by years of customer feedback, The 6ft Canterbury Folding Run provides pet owners with a flexible solution that’s happy to be a permanent fixture or tucked away waiting to be used again when needed.

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Canterbury 6ft Folding Guinea Pig Run

Why Canterbury Runs Are Great For Guinea Pigs

The 6 Foot Canterbury Guinea Pig Run provides a great place for your guinea pigs to play and explore. This is very important for the welfare of your guinea pigs. Like most pets, they need exercise to keep fit and healthy. A large run is perfect for that as it gives them a place to roam while still keeping them safe.
The run also provides mental stimulation for your pigs. Because the run is so mobile, you can move it around and change the guinea pigs’ environment. This allows them to explore their surroundings while giving them 360 degree views of the outside world. That helps stimulate their minds and prevents boredom.

The Perfect Fit For Our Canterbury Guinea Pig Hutches
Pairing a Canterbury run with one of our great hutches is a guaranteed recipe for happy guinea pigs. We pride ourselves in selling only the best hutches, but a large well built hutch simply can not take the place of a good run. Our runs are built to make it easy to spend time with your guinea pig friends. The 6 foot folding Canterbury Guinea Pig Run has 2 large doors on top of the run for easy access as well as a side door. This means you can quickly transfer guinea pigs from their hutch to the run.

Designed With Guinea Pigs In Mind
When we design and build guinea pig runs we are always working to make them the best. All of our runs are built using quality timber that is treated with a water based pet safe wood preservative. We also use galvanised wire mesh that has been chosen to keep your pets safe while making it easy to hang water bottles or feeders. We even make all of our runs in the UK to ensure we uphold our strict quality standards.


  • Proudly Made in Great Britain – Not Imported – Low Carbon Foot Print
  • Robust timber construction
  • 1.5 inch galvanised wire run panels
  • Two convenient entry points
  • Hinged for easy assembly
  • Weatherproofed
  • Easy diagram instructions
  • 30 Day No Quibble Money Back Guarantee

H&R Recommendations

  • Depending on the weather, re-apply a water-based wood preservative between seasons to maintain the durability of the run
  • Always position in a safe and sheltered area in the garden.
  • The Folding Canterbury Guinea Pig Runs are designed for a recreation environment only and not to be used to permanently house pets.
  • Adding a Run Shade will create a shaded area for your pets.


  • Length 1810mm
  • Width 1000mm
  • Height 480mm