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Pillow Wad Eco-Nest Bedding 3.2kg | Double Dust Extracted | Compostable Packaging


About this item

  • DUST FREE: Double Dust Extracted and made from recycled unused cardboard.
  • ABSORBENT: Ultra absorbent and masks odours
  • PROMOTE NATURAL BEHAVIOUR: Excellent for burrowing, tunnelling, digging, and nesting
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: 100% compostable, even the packaging!
  • VERSATILE: Suitable for a range of animals, including all small herbivores, reptiles, and many more

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What is Eco-Nest Bedding?

Eco-Nest ticks all the boxes for the ultimate nesting experience! The long strands promote your pet's instinctive burrowing and nesting behaviour. It can be weaved into safe and cosy places to play, hide, and seek in.

Its environmental credentials are impressive too. Eco-Nest is made from unused cardboard which would otherwise be wasted. It's put through a unique process, double dust extracted and then packaged to create a highly effective eco-friendly bedding for all kinds of furry, hairy, scaly, and feathered friends.

How to use it

Spread across the bedding area so it's about 3-5cm in height and add a bit more to form a big pile in the corner for your pet to be creative and nest in.

The other great thing about Eco-Nest is that it is 100% biodegradable. You can simply remove the soggy bits and sprinkle on your compost heap to help the garden grow!

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Weight 3 kg

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