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Roswood Naturals Celebration Cake

Roswood Naturals Celebration Cake



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  • MIND AND BODY: Keeps your pet mentally stimulated and teeth healthy
  • EASY AND HEALTHY: A simple and fun way to supply highly nutritious food
  • HIGHEST QUALITY: Only the finest ingredients with over 20 different plants used
  • LONGER LASTING: Good for fussy pets that have high standards
  • WHATS UP DUCK?: 40% Carrot 12% Coconut 2.3%Pasley


  • Diameter: 14cms
  • Height: 7cm

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Celebrate Your Pets

Our guilt-free cake doesn’t have any dairy or added sugar, just 100% natural ingredients. The edible, cellulose fibre walls and lid are dressed in scrummy carrot and coconut, topped with herb ‘n’ veg balls and flower petals: all hiding a wonderful herbal salad mix filling pets will love to nibble and forage.

Birthdays, Christmas or `just because’

Whatever the reason, your pet will know you care with our wonderful cake! Ideal for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Rats, Gerbils, Mice and Chinchillas.

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