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5 Ways to Celebrate Christmas with Your Rabbits

Lynette Hammond |


We’re having a mild Christmas and many rabbits will still be happy enjoying spending time in their hutches and runs, but many do get neglected on Christmas Day. We’re all busy spending time with family and friends and our indoor pets that the rabbits outside do tend to get forgotten about. Let’s make this Christmas more rabbit friendly with these fun play ideas.

  1. Don’t recycle those boxes just yet; your rabbits will love them! Create a box maze in the garden, placing plenty of hay or straw in many of the boxes and adding some additional treats in some of the others. Cut holes in the boxes and connect them together so your rabbit can have a fun time exploring and discovering.

  2. Pour yourself some mulled wine or give the children some hot chocolate and take out some fresh vegetables to hand feed.  Hold the treats above your rabbits head so they have to stretch up to get it. Remember to keep voices low pitched and quiet but spend some time next to the hutch or run just talking and feeding your rabbit. Rabbits are social animals and they will appreciate the company.

  3. Grooming your rabbit is a useful way of bonding, keeping your rabbit happy and healthy and checking them over for any signs of illnesses. Give your rabbit a relaxing brush and spend some quality time together.

  4. Make a digging spot and let your rabbit dig to their hearts content. Use a garden container or old sandpit and fill up with soil. Hide some treats down in the soil for your rabbit to find and to help encourage them to dig in that area.

  5. Lie down on the floor and let your rabbit come to you and interact with you on their own level. Rabbits will approach you slowly (especially if they’re not used to this kind of interaction), but they may also jump all over you and lie down next to you.

If you bring your rabbit into the home please be aware that they will find it very hot as they won’t have acclimatised to the indoors. If you choose to bring them in for some exercise in a safe area choose the coolest room (the conservatory might be the best option if you have one) and don’t keep them in for the whole day.

Have a fun Christmas!



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