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Natural Rabbit Treats Your Pet Bunny will Love

Lynette Hammond |

Rabbit treats

Rabbits enjoy grazing and will spend a large proportion of their time casually munching away. In our gardens rabbits are limited to the same old grass and perhaps the occasional treat we provide. It’s a good idea to give rabbit treats in order to add some new and different flavours to their diet from time to time. Today we’re going to show you five quality treats your bunnies are going to adore.

Birch Leaves

Birch leaf is commonly eaten by rabbits in their natural habitat and there’s no need to remove this treat simply because they are domesticated. Birch leaf gives your rabbits an extra boost of fibre and it’s great to add to their hay pile or even safe enough to add to the daily diet. An additional benefit of birch leaves is that it is useful for supporting a healthy urinary function, bonus!

Rose Petals

Rose petals are a wonderful colourful treat that adds some extra minerals and vitamins to your rabbit’s diet. Don’t use rose petals from flowers that have been treated with any chemicals though, you don’t want to cause any illnesses. The Hay Experts Rose Petals look as pretty as potpourri but are definitely suitable to give you’re your furry pals.

Willow Bark

You can feed willow bark freely without concern and rabbits love it! There are a couple of benefits for feeding willow bark:

  • It’s useful for keeping teeth in check and rabbits can gnaw away to their hearts delight

  • Willow is a natural source of fibre, good for a healthy digestive system

Dandelion Root

Most of us will feed our rabbits dandelions from the garden but the root is often forgotten about. Roots are great to gnaw so they are useful for dental care but they’re also a source of fibre, good for the gut!


Plantain is a favourite for rabbits; they can’t get enough of the taste. Plantain has plenty of fibre packed into it making it a healthy treat at any time, but it can also be useful to feed when rabbits are feeling unwell, have a loss of appetite or during recovery as it has inflammatory properties.

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