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5 Ways to Keep Your Rabbit Cool

Lynette Hammond |

5 Ways to keep your rabbit cool

Rabbits can suffer from heat stroke in very hot weather. Heat stroke can be fatal so as a rabbit owner there are a few things you can do to ensure your fluffy bunny remains cool as a cucumber during the occasional heat waves we get over here in the UK.

  1. Provide some cool flooring for your rabbit to sprawl over. You may have noticed your rabbit rearranging the bedding in their hutches or even digging small holes in the garden for them to lie in – this is because they are looking for something cool to lie on. You can help by popping a ceramic tile (with no sharp edges) into the hutch or on the patio for your rabbit to lie on. Spray the tile with some cold water from time to time or put it in the fridge on super-hot days.

  2. We’ve added the Scratch & Newton Ice Pod to our store and it’s the perfect summer addition for rabbits and guinea pigs. Put the pod into your freezer for a few hours and then place it inside the hutch or the run. It is designed to be comfortable and to keep your fluffy pets cool for hours.

  3. We love adding ice cubes to our drinks in the summer but many of us don’t share this simple treat with our pets. Ice cubes are easy to make and to store and they can help your rabbit’s drinking water stay cool and refreshing. Place a few ice cubes in the water bottle or water bowl and replace throughout the day. Rabbits also enjoy frozen broccoli or carrot sticks – but don’t give them too many, one or two is plenty.

  4. Move the hutch or run to a shaded spot. We’ve mentioned this tip before but we’re repeating it because it’s very important. Rabbits left in runs and hutches in full sun can get very ill very quickly. The simple act of moving their home into a shaded spot can save rabbits lives.

  5. Spritzing rabbits ears helps rabbits cool down. You can also wet your hand and stroke your rabbit’s ears if you your rabbit isn’t keen on the water bottle. The water evaporates off the ears and helps bunny to cool down. Rabbits can do with this extra help as they don’t sweat like we do.

5 cooling tips that can make all the difference to your rabbit. Please share them with your rabbit owner friends; they could save the life of a bunny this summer.

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