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Tips on How to Bond with Your Rabbit

Lynette Hammond |

Tips on how to bond with your rabbit

It is possible to build a great relationship between you and your rabbit. Many owners fail to put in the time and the effort that is required to generate a deep bond, which is sad for both the rabbit and the owner. Bunnies will become extremely friendly, bouncing up to greet you, love nothing more than petting time and it is even possible to train them, but how can you go about this? We have some advice that will help spark your bond below.

  • When building your bond it is important not to rush things and not to make your rabbit feel threatened or in danger. To do this we recommend that you avoid picking her up and holding her. Get down on the ground and sit quietly on the floor and wait. In time your rabbit will come and investigate you on her own terms. This is when you can begin slowly petting. When the rabbit has enough let them bounce away and wait for her to come back to you.

  • Rabbits enjoy being stroked on their cheeks and the forehead. They may also like you to stroke around the back of the shoulders. Slowly try each area and watch the response you get, a happy and content bunny will put their head down to the ground.

  • Avoid stroking her ears, feet, stomach, tail and feet. However, once the bond has been formed it’s a good idea to gently pet these areas occasionally so you’re able to examine your pet to check their health and condition in the years to come. Just don’t hold down the rabbit when you do this, be gently, move slowly and allow her to hop away as they please.

  • Feed your rabbit before petting, they will have a lovely full tummy and will be feeling more complacent.

  • Give your rabbit space by not pestering her when she is in her hutch. The hutch provides safety, protection and comfort and you want your rabbit to know that this area is just for them. You can speak to your rabbit though, this will help her to get used to your voice.

  • Speak to your rabbit as you feed her, clean the cage and take care of her needs.

  • Encourage your rabbit to come to you with some healthy treats such as some safe herb leaves that rabbits love, but don’t overfeed.

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