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6 Hutch Needs for Your Rabbits

Lynette Hammond |

Rabbit hutches

Many people decide to spend out on a new hutch at this time of year.  Owners notice that their old hutches, often the ones that have been used since the arrival of their pet, have deteriorated and are now leaking, damp and perhaps have holes or roof damage. Another reason for upgrading is thanks to owners becoming more educated on the needs of their rabbits.

If you’re considering investing in a new, larger rabbit hutch here are 6 basic needs that need to be met by their new home.

  • Rabbits need to have enough room to spend time with their roommate together but also have enough space so each of the rabbits can have some alone time when they feel like it.

  • Rabbit runs are fantastic for rabbits and for their owners and an attached rabbit run is even better. The rabbit run needs to be big enough for rabbits to stand, stretch, jump and hutch.

  • Buy the largest hutch you can for your budget, but make sure that your rabbits are able to stand up fully without their ears touching the roof.

  • Pick a hutch that is well made from good quality materials. The hutch is there to protect your rabbits from predators, the elements and other hazards.

  • The hutch needs to have different areas, places that allow them to hide when they feel threatened.

  • Space is so important to rabbits and has a big impact on their welfare. They need to have room to exercise and move around freely, access to a run area to forage for food, jump around and run.

Sadly, many rabbits still love in cramped hutches that are far too small for the smallest bunnies let alone fully grown rabbits. You can help by providing your rabbits with suitable space and educating your friends and family on the importance of suitable housing for these wonderful small animals.

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