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Christmas Gift Ideas for Rabbits

Lynette Hammond |

Rabbit gift ideas for rabbits

Dogs and cats often receive a stocking or a few treats under the tree, but rabbits can be forgotten about. Luckily, there are plenty of rabbit owners who love to spend time with their small pets and who love to give them a few treats that will help to enrich their lives. Here is a list of some of our most popular gift ideas that your rabbit will love to receive on Christmas morning.

Christmas Shopping List for Rabbits

  1. Chube Animal Play Toy - £2.79. The chubes come in large or small sizes so you’re able to customise playtime and give your rabbits some added excitement. Rabbits love to use the chubes to hide in, chew and new or to simply hop through while they get some much needed exercise. The chubes are bio-degradable and environmentally friendly and perfectly safe for your rabbit to munch on as they’re made with vegetable parchment.

  2. Nasher ‘n’ Nibble - £2.09. These are fun for your rabbit but they also help to provide entertainment while helping to prevent tooth problems. Letting your rabbit nibble on these puffed rice and hay treats will contribute to good teeth, helping your rabbit to keep their own teeth trimmed down and in good shape.

  3. Herbage Chamomile by Burgess Excel - £3.29. Rabbits enjoy having different flavours in their diet. This is a mixture of chamomile and hay that is a great source of fibre but also the chamomile is very calming for rabbits.

  4. Scratch & Newton Water Bottle Snug Cover - £5.99 Sale Price. Your rabbit won’t get to chew or play with this gift but they will certainly benefit. The bottle snug works to regulate the temperature of the water in the bottle, preventing the water freezing and reducing the accumulation of algae.

  5. Westbury Rabbit Run - £119.99. We know this isn’t a small treat but a rabbit run is a wonderful gift to give to rabbits that either don’t have a rabbit run or that would benefit from a larger space to run around in or a rabbit run in better condition than their current run.

As rabbits and guinea pigs live outside for most or all of the year, they can get left out and sadly this means more than simply missing out on a Christmas present or two. Please help to brighten up the lives of rabbits but passing on your rabbit care and welfare tips with friends and family.

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