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Caring for Rabbits in the Colder Weather

Lynette Hammond |

Cring for Rabbits in winter

The temperatures have dropped and some parts of the UK woke up to some of the white stuff last weekend, so it’s a good time to check your rabbits are prepared and cared for. Rabbits don’t like extreme weather, although they are better at handling cold than they are the heat, but that doesn’t mean they can survive winters without some extra care.

Provide Enough Food

Rabbits will eat more in winter; this is because their natural instincts tell them that food might become scarcer during the colder months. Food also provides extra energy and fat insulation, helping them to remain warm, along with the thicker fur that grows at this time of year. However, the insulating layer of fat and extra fur still isn’t enough. In the wild, rabbits go deep down into their burrow to escape the chill – the burrow is free from draughts and the body temperature of all the rest of the family helps to create a snug environment. You’ll have to work to recreate this warmth.

The Hutch Location

As rabbits hate draughts it’s important to spend some time deciding on the best location for the hutch.  If there is no suitable location you can always cover the hutch with thick carpeting, but make sure there is enough ventilation. Alternatively, turn the hutch around so the open doors are facing a fence or wall. When the temperatures drop dramatically you may want to move the rabbit hutch into a suitable outhouse or even into your home.

Check the Hutch for Weakness

The hutch needs to be free from holes and gaps as the wind and the rain can enter the hutch at these points. Look for signs of leaks, dampness on the interior wood is a clear indicator that work is needed to make the hutch weatherproof or that it’s time to replace the rabbit hutch entirely.

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