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How to Keep a Rabbit Hutch Cosy in Winter

Lynette Hammond |

rabbit hutch in winter

Last week we shared some advice on how to care for rabbits when the temperatures drop. Today we’re going to expand on that information and share a few tips on creating a warm rabbit hutch.

  1. Add some extra insulation by layering newspaper on the bottom of the hutch. Line the floors thick layers, especially when the temperatures outside are hovering around zero. Check the hutch several times a day and add new layers if you notice your rabbit have shredded the newspaper.

  2. Buy plenty of straw and hay for the winter; you can’t really buy too much. Your rabbits will rely on the straw and the hay for warmth.

  3. Some rabbit owners add fleeces, blankets or carpet samples for additional warmth. Please make sure that they are not frayed and are safe to use. Keep a close eye on the condition of any carpeting and blankets as rabbits feet can easily get caught on frayed fabrics.

  4. Add an extra warm den into the rabbit hutch and run by using cardboard boxes filled with hay. Cut a hole into one side of the box and make sure all four sides are closed to avoid draughts. If you have two rabbits, please make sure the boxes are big enough for two rabbits at the same time.

  5. Use an insulator over the hutch, the covers make a world of difference and they can extend the life of the hutch too.

  6. Don’t forget the water bottle. A bottle snug will stop water from freezing inside the bottle, something your rabbits will really thank you for.

How do you keep your rabbit hutch warm in the winter? Come and share your tips with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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