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Meet the New Chartwell Three Storey Hutch - It’s a Bunny Skyscraper!

Meet the New Chartwell Three Storey Hutch - It’s a Bunny Skyscraper!

Clare Stone |

You asked and we listened and after much hard work here it is - the Chartwell 3 Tier hutch for rabbits and guinea pigs. And to celebrate the launch we’re offering you the chance to win this luxury hutch worth £300 in our free prize draw. 

Why do we Need a Three Storey Hutch?

Size really matters when it comes to rabbit welfare. Many pet rabbits are kept in hutches so small they are cruel.  That’s why Home and Roost make some of the biggest rabbit hutches on the market. 

The new Chartwell Three Storey Hutch is no exception: it’s big, it’s beautiful and crucially it offers bunnies the option for private space, as well as together time. 

“Guinea pig and rabbit charities have been asking for a 3 tier hutch for a while now” explains our Director John Birmm, “we've been working on a design that is safe, spacious and affordable.”

Though rabbits and guinea pigs are extremely sociable creatures, there are times when they need their own space. When an animal has been through surgery for example, or a new individual is being introduced to the group, they will need a private area to have some quiet time alone. And where owners or rescuers suspect that animals have not been spayed or neutered, separation is essential to avoid unwanted pregnancies. 


3 Tier Chartwell Luxury Hutch

“We wanted to be able to offer a solution for customers who need to house more than two pets apart temporarily. In the past this has only been possible with multiple hutches, which take up more space and cost more money, now we have a simpler one product solution.”

“Our three storey hutch isn’t just three hutches stacked on top of each other, like some others on the market. Each floor is connected by an adjustable ramp, giving the flexibility to open up, or close off different areas as needed.”

Key Features Include

The new Chartwell Triple Hutch is one of the biggest on the market and size really matters for rabbit welfare. 

  • Over 5 feet tall: the most spacious 3 tier hutch on the market. 
  • 3 size options 4, 5 or 6 feet long, to suit the needs of different breeds.
  • 2 individual sleeping areas which can be linked or separated as required.
  • Sturdy construction for indoor or outdoor use
  • Built from a sustainable timer - 2 trees planted for every one cut down. 
  • Treated with pet-safe paint for weather-proofing and longer life. 
  • Handmade in our workshops in Kent, England.


“It was important to us to get the pricing as keen as possible on this product, without compromising on quality.” explains John “Money is tight for everyone at the moment, but many of our customers are rescuers and animal welfare charities and for them making scarce funds go further is vital.”

The Chartwell Three Storey Hutch is priced from £229.99 for the 4’ version to £319.99 for the extra large 6’ model,  and all come with free shipping. 

Where to Buy

The new Chartwell Triple Hutch is available to buy now from the Home & Roost online store.

Win a Free Chartwell 3 Tier Luxury Hutch

To celebrate the launch of this exciting new product Home and Roost are offering one lucky animal lover the chance to win a Luxury Chartwell 3 Tier Hutch worth £300 in a free prize draw. find more details on Facebook.

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