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Wall-Mounted Bird Tables | Perfect for Even The Smallest Outdoor Space

Wall-Mounted Bird Tables | Perfect for Even The Smallest Outdoor Space

Clare Stone |

Smaller outdoor spaces and increasing stormy weather mean traditional free-standing bird tables don’t fit the bill for all bird lovers now - that's why we've developed our range of wall-mounted bird tables, to help bring nature into even the tiniest outdoor space.

“We’ve been making bird tables for over 40 years,” explained Director Alan Brimm, “They were our first product line and are still best sellers for us.” A bird table is a focal point in the garden for many nature lovers. 

But over the years, things have started to change. Now even people with very small gardens, balconies or even just a windowsill understand the value of gardening for wildlife and want to attract and feed garden birds. 

“That’s why we’ve now developed a full range of wall-mounted bird tables, modelled on some of our most popular freestanding designs. “ Explained Alan, “there is a design to suit every outdoor space and all the tables are handmade from sustainable timber here in our workshops in Kent.”

Although we started work on this new range with space-saving in mind, during the development process, lots of other benefits came to light too. 

“With our increasingly stormy weather, a wall-mounted bird table offers extra protection for the birds, even in the worst conditions.  Wall-mounted bird tables don’t topple over in high winds, and if you place them on a wall covered with climbing plants, they will attract small birds but be much less appealing to pigeons.”

Key Features Include

The range includes 5 distinctive designs:

The Ballycastle Wall Mounted Bird Table is modelled after our best seller with a distinctive hexagonal slate effect roof and decorative finial. 

The Hove Wall Mounted bird Table is lightweight and makes the perfect partner for fences and trellis. 

The Fordwich Wall Mounted Bird Table offers extra shelter for smaller birds and comes with a traditional green or contemporary black roof. 

The Bullough Wall Mounted Bird Table features a rustic effect log lap roof which provides excellent protection from the elements, whilst the extended mounting bracket offers space to add hanging feeders. 

The Kinlock Wall Mounted bird Table is a simple, elegant design that will suit a wide range of birds and enhance any home. 

 All designs share these key features. 

  • Handmade here in the UK. 

  • Construction from natural, sustainable FSC timber. 

  • Double treated with wildlife-friendly wood preservative for longer life and antibacterial protection.

  • Extended brackets ensure secure mounting on walls or fences and allow for the addition of hanging feeders.

  • Minimal or no assembly required. Tables are shipped a maximum of 3 pieces or fully assembled. 

  • Free delivery on all models.

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