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Check your Lawn for Bunnies!

Lynette Hammond |

Check Your Lawn for Bunnies Before You Mow!

Most of us expect wild bunnies to be cuddled up safely in a deep, safe burrow. Sadly, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes the bunnies can be huddled up on top of the lawn. These cute bundles of fluffiness are sometimes hidden beneath old patches of dead grass. They can easily be missed and gardeners can easily kill the poor bunnies without realising they are there.

A new video has been shared on social media and on news sites to highlight this problem. Areas of dead grass on your lawn could very easily become a nest for wild bunnies. It is important for all gardeners to check all cuttings and old grass to ensure it’s wildlife free.  The video has been created by Ontario Animal Removal, a company based in Canada. It’s has been viewed millions of times and it is hoped it will help save the lives of many bunnies around the world.

If you find some bunnies you might be tempted to move them to a safe place. This is not ideal as they will be separated from their mother. You could also pass over your own scent so the mother would not recognise them. The best thing you can do is put off mowing the lawn and waiting for the mother to return. In time the mother will move the bunnies to a new location and you’ll be free to mow the lawn once more. Bunnies do grow up very quickly and you shouldn’t have to wait more than a couple of weeks for them to move on.

Don’t panic if you don’t see the mother. She will spend a lot of her time away from her bunnies, finding food. It’s not unusually for the mother to only visit the nest a couple of times during the day. Keep a close eye on the action from a safe distance. Call your local rescue centre or the RSPCA if you would like some advice.

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