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It’s Time to Improve your Rabbit Grooming Game

Lynette Hammond |

rabbit groomingRabbit grooming is a fantastic way of building a bond.  It’s an important part of being a rabbit owner that needs to start as soon as your rabbit has settled into their new home. Grooming should take place all year round and continue throughout the life of your pet.  While grooming can help build a strong relationship together, it does play a more important role in the health of your pet.

A Quick Health Check

As a rabbit owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure your rabbit is healthy. When symptoms arise you can take appropriate action to help your rabbit return to full health or get the help they need. Grooming is vital as rabbits often don’t show obvious signs of illness, or they’re hidden beneath the fur.  Taking the time to groom allows you to look for fleas, any injuries or cuts, bites, mites, fly-strike, and lumps. You can also ensure the nails and teeth aren’t overgrown too.

Summer is Coming

Rabbits need grooming even more frequently in the summer months. There are several disease risks that increase as the weather heats up, such as myxomatosis.  Take this time to really strengthen your bunny grooming game. Make sure you give your rabbit a complete check over and don’t stop at running a brush over your bunny’s back.  Update your grooming kit with a new brush, and nail trimmers and don’t forget the flea and tick treatment.  If your rabbit is not used to grooming we recommend providing a few healthy treats to reward them for being good for you. Be calm, quiet and gentle with no sudden movements. This will help your rabbit to feel at ease.

Don’t Neglect the Rabbit Hutch

It’s also important to stay on top of the rabbit hutch cleaning. Flies, fleas, and mites bring life-threatening diseases with them. A dirty hutch can encourage these insects and bugs, increasing the risk of your rabbit becoming ill. Don’t leave the grooming to your rabbit and remember to fully clean the hutch once a week and spot clean once a day.

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