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Chris Packham Has His Say About Rabbit Hutches

Lynette Hammond |

Rabbit hutches

Wildlife expert Chris Packham thinks we should constantly rethink the way we look after animals.  Packham delivered his assessment at the Hay literary festival last week. He said rabbits are social creatures that don’t enjoy living on their own, advice that needs to be shared as many pet owners in the UK continue to buy a single rabbit and not buy in pairs as advised. He also reminded listeners that rabbits were originally kept in small hutches because they were being fattened up for the family to eat. Those days are long gone and now the hutch needs to be tailored to the needs of the animal and not for our convenience.

Packham believes we all need to provide a better quality of life for rabbits and not provide it with a small hutch. They need space to run around and be social, which is why we encourage all of our customers to buy a suitable large rabbit hutch and a rabbit run to provide as much space as possible to our fluffy friends.

Rabbit welfare is something that is often neglected, unlike cats and dogs. We’ve come a long way in providing the right care for other pets, why are rabbits left behind? Packham said that society needs to constantly look at the way it takes cares of all animals, both at home and at zoos.

Please advise all friends and family members the importance of buying a large rabbit hutch and buying rabbits in pairs. These two simple changes will help improve the life of rabbits and their welfare needs.

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