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6 Ways to Create a Fun Environment for Your Rabbits

Lynette Hammond |


You have a large rabbit hutch (or there’s one on the way), what else can you do to create a fun and healthy environment for your furry friends?

  1. Provide plenty of dried grass, grass and hay in your rabbit’s diet. This should equal around 85 to 90% of their diet. Other foods to feed include a small amount of dried food and some leafy greens.

  2. Stay on top of the water supply. Fresh water needs to be available at all times.

  3. Rabbits love to forage and dig and many pet rabbits don’t get the opportunity to indulge in this natural activity. Digging and foraging stimulate rabbits and is essential for their wellbeing and health. Provide many opportunities for these activities. Allow rabbits to dig by using a sand pit or similar or creating a designated area in the garden.

  4. Let rabbits use their chin to rub on items in the garden or home as they are using secretions from their chin to mark their territory. They also use urine and droppings too. Marking helps them to feel safe in their own area. This is why it’s necessary to leave some of the old bedding in the hutch during cleaning.

  5. Rabbits hate to be bored so change their environment regularly. Add new toys, move things around (without changing their toilet area) and use suitable toys to keep them entertained.

  6. Rabbits love to hide so add boxes and platforms for them to hide under whenever they feel the need to.

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