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Tips on How to Make a Rabbit Paddock

Lynette Hammond |

Give your rabbit more space

There are many rabbits that have the luxury of having free range of the garden. Their play area isn’t restricted because the garden is fully secured, is free from toxic plants and the owners don’t mind digging or chewing. They spend their days grazing on the lawn and playing with their friends, sadly, not all rabbits enjoy this lifestyle.

Some gardens aren’t secure enough to let the rabbits run loose, others may contain potentially deadly plants and flowers and not everyone is keen on digging. Sadly, many of these rabbits are restricted to play in their hutch, 24/7. It doesn’t have to be that way. The addition of a rabbit run can make a lot of difference, but you can go one step further and create a rabbit paddock in your outdoor space for some ultimate rabbit playtime fun. Here’s how:

  • Select an area of the garden that you’re happy to give to your rabbits.

  • Check the plants within the dedicated area and remove any that could be toxic to rabbits.

  • Section off the area using a picket fence and mesh. Make sure that the fencing and mesh are 50cm under the ground and that it’s at least 50cm tall above ground. This will require plenty of digging and effort but it’s worth it.

  • Use mesh or make a roof so the paddock is predator proof. Add shade by covering half of the roof with a thin wooden sheet.

  • Add your large rabbit hutch for additional shelter.

  • Add tunnels, toys and boxes into the paddock for play, shelter and exploration.

  • Make the paddock at least seven meters squared.

A rabbit paddock provides your rabbits with plenty of room and a secure home environment. We’d love to see your rabbit paddocks, share your photos with us on our Facebook page.



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