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Creating a Fun and Safe Environment for Your Rabbit

Lynette Hammond |

Rabbit tips

Rabbits need to have the right environment in order for them to feel happy. Obviously the size of the hutch is important, they must have room to stand on their back legs, hop at least three times and lie down fully stretched, but there’s more you can do to increase their happiness and benefit their overall health. Check out our tips below before heading outside and getting creative:

  • Rabbits need a safe place to hide. You won’t be able to make a large burrow but you can recreate the feeling of safety by ensuring they have a secure area in their hutch that is fully covered where your rabbit can feel safe. We also recommend placing some tubes or boxes with an opening in the garden or in the run so they can quickly dart inside if they feel threatened.

  • Rabbits love tunnels as they recreate the safe environment as a burrow. The tunnels need to be wide enough for your rabbit to pass through.

  • Provide your rabbit with twigs to chew on and position them above ground so they can be pulled down.

  • Rabbits love to dig but you probably don’t want them to dig up your lawn or flower beds. The ideal alternative is to fill up a box, such as an old plastic dog bed or a planter with earth. Create a second one and plant grass seed if you don’t have a lot of grass growing naturally in your garden.

  • Cardboard boxes make great hiding places and can provide plenty of fun for your bunny.

  • Allow your rabbit the opportunity to graze by placing food in different places rather in a food bowl.

Rabbits can get bored so change their environment often and rotate their toys and activities. Remember to provide enough items for each of your rabbits; they won’t want to share one. Check the toys and the objects daily to spot any damage that could cause harm to your rabbit too.

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