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Making Rabbit Exercise Even More Fun

Lynette Hammond |

Rabbit exercise tips

Rabbits need a lot of exercise, which is why a decent hutch just isn’t enough. They need space to stretch their legs, graze and forage for food and jump around. Giving your rabbit a large rabbit run is one addition that must be made as the run provides a safe space for your bunny, protecting them from the dangers of predators and from putting themselves into danger. But a run can become boring for your bunny, so we have a few suggestions on how to add lots more fun throughout the year. We recommend not adding all of these ideas at once, pick one or two and rotate them to keep things interesting.

Cardboard Boxes

Many pets love cardboard boxes (cats, we’re looking at you) and rabbits are no different. A cardboard box makes a fun and free chew toy but you can also use them to create bolt holes, different levels of platforms to jump on or simply to fill full with straw or hay to hide small treats or herbs inside.

Green Fingered Rabbits?

Don’t keep the fun of gardening to yourself; let your rabbits in on the fun too. Rabbits love to dig. You can allow them to indulge in this activity in a couple of ways. The first is to select a piece of garden that you don’t mind being dug up. You will need to keep an eye on your rabbit though as you don’t want them to dig down too far! The second option is more easily manageable. Create a digging box using a child’s sand pit, an old dog bed or metal tub. Fill the container full of soil and straw and let your bunny go wild.

Paper Bags

Hide treats inside paper bags and hide them under lots of ripped up newspaper or straw. Your rabbit will love to investigate and then dig out all the goodies. This is the perfect time to introduce some extra special or new treats, like the chamomile herbage, just to make things even more satisfying for your rabbit.


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