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Is Your Rabbit Sick? 16 Signs to Look For

Lynette Hammond |

Signs your rabbit might be unwell

There are plenty of warning signs that indicate if a rabbit is feeling under the weather. If you notice any of the symptoms below it is always worth booking an appointment with your vet, or giving them a call to discuss your concerns.

  1. You notice that your bunny is behaving differently; they don’t seem their normal self.

  2. Your rabbit doesn’t come and meet you, especially if your rabbit normally runs up to you to greet you when you open the hutch or walk up to the run.

  3. The food is being left uneaten.

  4. You notice that the water level isn’t going down in their water bottle or bowl.

  5. Your rabbit is spending a lot of time sat in a corner or hiding or appears to be hunched up.

  6. The rabbit hasn’t moved for the entire day.

  7. Your rabbit hasn’t had any bowel movements or the shape and texture of their droppings has changed or they have diarrhoea.

  8. They are displaying symptoms of a cold, such as sneezing and a runny nose.

  9. They have discharge or very watery eyes.

  10. Your rabbit doesn’t mind you picking them up when they would usually protest.

Serious symptoms to watch out for include:

  1. Breathing difficulties

  2. Maggots

  3. They are cold and limp

  4. You’ve noticed they have lost weight

  5. They have very bad diarrhoea

  6. Nosily grinding of the teeth

If you notice any of the serious symptoms it is important to take your rabbit to the vets as soon as you can. Rabbits’ health can rapidly go downhill so the first 24 hours is a crucial time.

Getting to know your rabbit and forming a bond will help you to understand when your rabbit is in top shape and when he is feeling under the weather. Check them daily and monitor how much food and drink they are consuming. If your children take care of the rabbit always ask them to tell you if they notice any differences in their pet, and check the rabbit yourself to be on the safe side.

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