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New Book Series Promoting Rabbit Welfare

Lynette Hammond |

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Many rabbits have been forced to live in miserable conditions in the past. Uneducated families would choose a cute and fluffy bunny as a pet, without knowing the care and attention that is required. Many retailers have sold small hutches and runs to these families, and the rabbits have been kept in these cramped conditions regardless of how big they grow. Sadly many children quickly lose interest in their pet too and the adults don’t have the time to ensure the rabbits exercise and have the attention and care they really need. It’s sad news and distressing to hear and read, but it is down to all of us to make sure pet rabbits are cared for now and in the future.

Emma Milne from the popular BBC show, Vets in Practice, recently launched her brand new series, Pet Detectives at the Great Yorkshire Show. The book series, aimed at children aged six to twelve years old, begins with ‘Are Rabbits the Right Pet for You…’ The aim is to educate and teach potential rabbit owners about the work that is involved in owning these amazing creatures. It is hoped that the number of rabbits that are abandoned and relinquished will be reduced. Other books in the series will be focused on Guinea pigs, dogs and cats and are useful for all the family.
 “Having worked with several charities in developing countries I’ve seen the enormous difference children can make to changing attitudes and getting rid of out-dated beliefs, which are perpetuated simply because things have always been done a certain way. Millions of rabbits have been misunderstood and unintentionally caused suffering over the decades and it is time we tried to change that.” Emma Milne

RWAF’s Richard Saunders has already read the book to his daughter and found it was full of accurate information on the care of rabbits. The book encourages children to take on the role of a detective to help children decide if the rabbit is going to be a good pet for them.
“I’d strongly recommend this book as essential reading for any child starting to think about keeping rabbits." Richard Saunders – Veterinary Adviser for RWAF

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