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Preparing for Your New Adopted Rabbit

Lynette Hammond |


Adopting rabbits from a rehoming centre is a wonderful way of finding your brand new furry family members. Many rehoming centres are overflowing with rabbits of all ages, all of whom need a family that will give them a wonderful home, the care and attention they need and bundles of love. Many families decide to find a new pet during the summer holidays, so we’ve decided to share a few tips for those of you who have decided to rehome some rabbits.

  1. Do plenty of research. Read through our blog and visit websites such as Rabbit Awareness Week and Blue Cross for more information.

  2. Young children respond well to books about rabbit care, have a trip to the library and spend time discussing the needs of the rabbit and the various tasks that rabbit care involves.

  3. Set up a suitable hutch. Avoid buying from pet shops as many of the hutches available are far too small. Buy for the long term to save money on frequent upgrades for growing rabbits and remember the three hop rule. Rabbits should also have separate areas inside their hutch for sleeping and going to the bathroom, enough room to stretch out and lie down and stand on their back legs.

  4. Don’t forget that rabbits need lots of exercise. A run provides a safe space for your rabbit to graze, relax and play.

  5. Find a suitable spot for the hutch that will provide some protection from the elements.

  6. Buy the supplies you will need, including plenty of hay, a food bowl, food, natural wood shavings, a water bottle and toys.

  7. When you bring your rabbit’s home you will need to provide them with some time alone in their new environment. Avoid trying to play with them, touch them or pick them up during the first day. Do sit by the cage, talk quietly and make sure they have food and water.

  8. Register your rabbit with your local vet and book in for vaccinations and neutering if required.

  9. Teach your children to sit quietly and wait for the rabbit to come up to them rather than chasing them around the garden or room. Watch the rabbits explore and they will eventually come and have a sniff of you. Move slowly and start by trying to stroke the head but don’t be downhearted if the rabbits jump quickly away. Be patient and take your time, show your rabbits that you can be trusted.

Remember to ask us about suitable sized rabbit hutches and runs. We also have money saving starter kits that will provide you with everything you need for your new pets.

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