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Rabbit Friendly Housing Musts

Lynette Hammond |

Essential housing needs for rabbitsMany rabbit hutches are too small and by no means rabbit friendly. Here are some things to consider before you buy a cage or accept one being offered for sale online or in local classified ads.

  • The bigger the hutch the better. At least the hutch should measure H2 x W2 x L6 foot.

  • The hutch needs to be big enough for your rabbit to fully stretch out and lie down in all directions. Your rabbit should also be able to stand up on the hind legs and still have room between the top and their ears.

  • Your rabbit should be able to take three hops across the length of the hutch.

  • The rabbit will need space for food, sleeping, and toilet in different areas of the hutch.

  • Raise the hutch off the ground to stop it getting damp and too cold.

  • Weatherproof the hutch to protect it from all year round weather.

  • The sleeping area should be filled with dry straw or hay. Add extra hay during colder months.

  • Place wood shavings or newspaper along the entire length of the hutch.

Rabbit Runs

In addition to the hutch, your rabbit will need a rabbit run. These should not be seen as an optional extra – unless you have a fully safe and secure garden that you are happy for your rabbit to have free range in. A rabbit run is essential for providing additional space for your rabbit to spend time in and get essential exercise.

  • Rabbit runs need to be safe from predators and secure so your rabbit cannot escape.

  • Ideally, your rabbit run should be attached to the hutch so your rabbit is able to gain access to the extra room as and when they want to.

  • The ideal minimum suggested size for a rabbit run is H2 x W6 x L8 foot.

  • Your rabbit should have enough space to run and not just hop inside the rabbit run.

  • Be prepared to move the run based on weather conditions. It will need to be out of the wind and out of direct sunlight.

Take a look at the rabbit hutches and rabbit runs in our shop if you’ve realised that your rabbits’ housing is not adequate.

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