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Plea to Improve the Lives of Rabbits Raised for Food

Lynette Hammond |

Improves the lives of rabbits

Rabbit owners are becoming more aware of the conditions that are considered adequate for their pets. Sadly, there are far too many domestic rabbits being kept in cages that are far too small. Gradually, the situation is changing, thanks to improved information and social sharing. The lives of domestic rabbits are improving, but now the fight is being turned towards rabbits that are raised for food.

The EU has been encouraged to make changes that will improve the lives of over 340 million rabbits. These rabbits are kept in very small cages that are old fashioned and that measure less than two sheets of A4 paper. It’s heart breaking to think about, but it’s something that people should be made aware of. Rabbits are social animals and they are also born to run, rummage, hop and jump. Living in such terrible conditions leads to numerous welfare problems and diseases.

Regulations are now in place for the protection of veal, poultry chickens and pork but rabbits have been ignored.  Mr Eck is fighting the cause for these rabbits that are being raised for food in Europe.  Currently, the European Commission has denied that rabbits need to be provided with the same treatment as other farm animals. Let’s hope that with continued pressure, rabbits lives will continue to improve in the future.  Learn more about the topic by clicking here.

Give your rabbit an extra hug today and ensure they get enough exercise on a daily basis. Remember to check over their hutch over the next few days to ensure it’s in good condition after the winter battering.  Repair any leaks and check that your rabbit hasn’t outgrown the hutch. Your rabbit should be able to lie down fully, hop 3 times and stand up on his hind legs.

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