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Rabbits are for Life not Just for Easter

Lynette Hammond |

While we recognise that many rabbits are in need of new loving homes, we do discourage buying a rabbit as a gift for Easter. Small animals, like rabbits and guinea pigs, demand a lot of care and attention. They’re not low maintenance and shouldn't be considered an easy starter pet for young children. These errors in judgement often lead to rabbits being abandoned, mistreated and uncared for, given away or released into the wild resulting in tragic outcomes.

Rabbits do make wonderful pets, but they require a lot more attention and care than many parents realise.

  • Rabbits have a life span of approximately 7 to 10 years. Sadly, many children and teenagers lose interest in their small animals or are simply not able to comprehend the commitment they are making. As a result the adults in the home have to be prepared to take over the care of the rabbit.

  • Many parents think rabbits are cheap. It’s true that you can buy a bunny for a small purchase price but there are other vital costs to consider such as: a suitable hutch, rabbit run, food, insurance, vet bills, boredom busters, pet sitters, grooming and feeding equipment.

  • Rabbits need attention, exercise and care all year round, not just when it’s nice outside. Many rabbits find themselves contained to small hutches during periods of bad weather and often throughout the entire winter. Owners need to be prepared to clean out the hutch, entertain and exercise their pet in all weather conditions.

  • Many parents only buy one rabbit. Rabbits are best bought in pairs; single rabbits get lonely, bored and stressed. These are sociable creatures that benefit from being housed together.

We advise waiting until after the Easter holidays before you head out to buy rabbits as pets, choose a cuddly toy or a chocolate bunny instead. If you have your heart set on offering a rabbit a caring and loving home for the next ten years, we highly recommend spending the Easter holidays doing research and educating your children on rabbit care.  Contact your local re-homing centres and find out as much as you can about responsible rabbit ownership and rabbit adoption and avoid making a decision you may regret.

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