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Rabbit Hutch Discounts | Find Discounts Why Pay Full Price

Rabbit Hutch Discounts | Find Discounts Why Pay Full Price

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Are you looking for the best rabbit hutch discounts online? Did you know that many so-called sales are nothing more than the word “sale” slapped over the regular price?  Rewards programs and loyalty schemes, on the other hand, really do offer you the chance to save money.

You’ve probably heard it a million times: Would you care to sign up for our rewards program? And probably, most of those times, you’ve smiled uncomfortably and said ‘No, thanks.’

Perhaps you were in a hurry and didn’t want to fill out the forms. Maybe you thought there was a catch. Or perhaps you simply couldn’t see how it would benefit you.

But believe me, rewards programs can and do benefit you.

Home and Roost has launched a rewards program, and it’s awesome.

What is a Rewards & Loyalty Program?

A rewards program offers incentives for customers to do certain things that help a company out. These things might include:

  • Buying products from the company
  • Recommending the company on social media
  • Referring new customers
  • Reviewing products on review websites
  • Taking surveys

And more.

Loyalty programs reward customers for repeated or bulk business.

Rewards for both types of programs may include discounts, vouchers, invitations to special events, prizes, and so forth.

A rewards and loyalty program, as the name suggests, combines aspects of both types into a single program.

How do Reward Programs Work?

Different programs work differently.

Some programs award points every time you do certain things to help the business out. Sometimes you can use the points right away. Other times, you can combine or save up your points for larger rewards.

The stamp card for your favourite cafe is an example of this type of cumulative reward. After a certain number of purchases, you get a freebie. Supermarket cards, on the other hand, often offer an immediate discount at the point of purchase.

Either way, the goal is to build a mutually beneficial relationship between the customer and the business.

Are Rewards Programs Worth It?


Companies have been using rewards programs for a long, long time. And they continue to be popular with customers to this day. 

Nearly every business seems to have some sort of reward and/or loyalty scheme. And almost all of us have at least one loyalty card in our wallet.

If these programs weren’t worth it to both businesses and customers, they wouldn’t last long. And they certainly wouldn’t be as widespread as they are.

How Does the Home & Roost Rewards & Loyalty Program Work?

A loyalty program for rabbit hutches? Why not? 

Home and Roost started its loyalty program to help charities and rehoming centres that buy, use, and recommend our products. And it makes us feel good to reward organizations that help animals by supplying them with discounted goods.

But now we’re proud to be able to extend our Rewards and Loyalty program to all of our valued customers.

You might wonder how many rabbit hutches you actually need. But Home & Roost doesn’t just sell hutches. We also sell hay, bedding, toys, food dishes, water bottles, and much more. 

Our Rewards and Loyalty Program has several components. You can choose to participate in all of them, or choose your favourite. The components include:

  • The Home and Roost VIP Loyalty Program
  • The Home and Roost Rewards Program
  • Refer a Friend Rewards 

Does it sound complicated? It’s not. Simply sign up once, choose how you want to earn your rewards, and then decide how to spend them. All of your points go into a single bank, and you can keep track of them from your handy Rewards mini-dashboard.

VIP Loyalty Program

Our VIP loyalty program gives you points every time you buy any product from Home and Roost. The VIP program has four tiers: bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. Your tier depends on how much you spent with us in the last year. 

The more you spend, the more points you earn on your purchases.

Rewards Program

Of course purchasing hutches and pet supplies from Home and Roost is just one way to earn rewards. 

Customer feedback means a lot. And word of mouth means even more. That’s why we’re happy to reward you for spreading the word about Home and Roost. There are several ways that you can help us out and earn points in return.

Create an Account

This is a big one. Home and Roost will give you 200 points simply for signing up for the Rewards and Loyalty program. How easy is that?

Leave Product Reviews on Google

How did your purchase work out for you? Would you recommend what you bought to others? Were you impressed by our stellar customer service? We want to hear about it, and so do the friends and customers we haven’t met yet.

Leave a review of your purchase on Google and earn 500 points.

Take Our Survey

Do you have time for a quick survey? How about if doing so could earn you points toward a discount?

Home and Roost’s short, easy survey asks questions about your experiences with our website and our organization. We also would love to know how you think our services could be improved.

We really want to know, and we’re willing to give you 500 points for your opinion.

Share a Product Photo

A lot of times before customers are ready to buy a product, they want to see it in action. Customer photos are a great way to show our products “in the wild,” as it were. Photos can help customers to see:

  • How large or small a product actually is
  • Different ways that hutches and other supplies fit together
  • Pets enjoying toys, beds, food, housing, and so forth
  • And more

You can also share our photo of a product to the social media channel of your choice. More on how to do that, and how to submit your own photos, below.

Sharing a product photo is worth a cool 500 points.

Following Home and Roost on Instagram

Want to know what’s coming next from Home and Roost? Or do you just want to see some cute critters in your feed? 

Follow us on Instagram, and not only will you get the latest news about products, services, and blog updates, but your feed will get a whole lot fluffier.

And you’ll earn 25 points for the follow.

Recommending Home and Roost on Facebook

Facebook is huge. How huge? As of February 2021, there were nearly 51 million Facebook users in the United Kingdom alone.

So if you recommend H&R on Facebook, we’ll give you a whopping 2000 points.

Refer a Friend Rewards

Every time you refer a friend, your friend will get a 15 percent discount on their next purchase, and you’ll get points equal to a value of £15.

That’s a lot of bunny treats!

The More You Spend the More You Save

We want your business! So it makes sense that the more you spend with us, the more discounts points you can earn.

Bronze Level

If you’ve spent £200 in the past year, you’ll get ten points for every pound you spend. 

How much is £200? About six month’s worth of feeding hay for your rabbit. It’s that easy!

Silver Level

If you’ve spent £400 with us in the past year, you’ll get fifteen points for every pound you spend. 

£400 is what you’ll pay for a really excellent guinea pig hutch with a hutch cover, run, and a few months’ supply of guinea pig pellets. So if you like to spoil your pets, it’s really not that hard to make silver level.

Gold Level

If you’ve spent £500 with us in the last year, you’ve hit gold. That means you’ll earn twenty points for every pound you spend with us.

Platinum Level

Multi-pet households should have no problem reaching platinum status. Platinum customers, that is, customers who have spent £700 in the past year, will earn an incredible 25 points for every pound they spend going forward.

How Do I Know Which Level I’m On?

It’s super simple!

On the bottom right hand of the screen, you’ll find the green “Discounts” button.


If you’re logged in, all you have to do is push the button, and your Rewards mini-dashboard will pop up.

No account? No worries. It’s easy to create one in seconds.

In addition to your level in the loyalty scheme, the mini-dashboard can give you all sorts of other useful information. You can see your points balance, for example. You can also easily and instantly redeem points for coupons for your next Home and Roost purchase.

How Do I Share a Product Photo?

Look for the “share” link near the bottom of every product page. 

To share the product photo on social media, click on the appropriate link. And if you want to submit your own photo of the product you purchased, click on the email link and drop us a line.

How Do I Refer a Friend for Discount, and How do I use a Referral Link?

This is another job for our hero, the mini-dashboard.

First, click on the green ‘Discounts’ button to open the dashboard. Then, scroll down until you find your referral code. This code is unique to you. 

Copy the code from the dashboard and send it to your friends via messaging or email. When they clink on the link, it will take them to the Home and Roost Website.

Once they’ve arrived at the site via your link, your friends will receive a 15 percent discount on their purchases, and anything your friends buy from our website will be credited to you.

Where is the Referral Link I Can Give to My Friends and Family?

You can find your referral code by clicking on the green ‘Discounts’ button that is always on the lower right hand of the screen, and opening your Rewards mini-dashboard. 

How Do I Spend My Points?

Any way you like!

When you earn points, whether for purchases or other actions, they go into your points bank. You can then redeem them for discounts off of future purchases.

To see your rewards balance, or the discounts you’ve earned, open your Rewards mini-dashboard. You’ll be able to see how many points you have. You will also have the option to get coupons for different values.

These values will depend on how many points you’ve already earned. To redeem points, simply press the “get coupon” button. This will generate a coupon code, which will appear in your mini-dashboard and come to you via e-mail.

To use the coupon code, simply copy it and paste it into the coupon box at checkout.

Help Us Out and Save

We value our customers, and want to reward you! Our Rewards and Loyalty Program does just that.

Signing up is easy, and earning and redeeming your points is even easier. So, why not give it a try?