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6ft Kendal Guinea Pig Hutch and Run

6ft Kendal Guinea Pig Hutch and Run


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  • DELIVERY: Flexible Delivery Options (Next Day Delivery Cut Off 13:30 Mon-Fri)
  • BRITSH MANUFACTURING: Only Guinea Pig Hutches built in the UK
  • SIZE MATTERS: Biggest 6ft Combo Hutches on the market
  • HEAVY AND THICK: 10MM timber side panels and sleeping door
  • STRETCH OUT: Largest sleeping area with arched divider
  • MAXIMISE SPACE: Center wired panel for hanging Water Bottles, Hay Feeders etc
  • PEACE OF MIND: Ramp with side safety rails + Ramp trap door
  • SIMPLE AND SECURE: Aluminum barrel bolts
  • PET AND NATURE SAFE: Waterbase treated (retreat between seasons)
  • STEP BY STEP GUIDE: Easy diagram assembly, Screws, and a special gift
  • GIVE YOUR PETS MORE: Run Extension options available - Increases playing space
  • 5 STAR CUSTOMER SERVICE: 30 Day No Quibble Money Back

The Kendal 6ft Guinea Pig Hutch and Run combo offers everything a discerning guinea pig or their owner could want. The hutch is incredibly deep and tall, there is a private section for sleeping and the run is large enough to allow for plenty of exercise. Combine that with the high build quality and you have a great hutch and run combo for any pet lover.

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6ft Kendal Hutch and Run Combo

The Original Hutch and Run Combo

Double and 2 Tier rabbit hutches are great, here at Home and Roost we love to see small pets take up resident in a new home that’s got plenty of room and a beautiful view from upstairs. But adding a play run can sometimes take up more garden space then you thought.

The Kendal 6ft Guinea Pig Hutch and Run combo is perfect for guinea pig owners who want to give their pets a beautiful house and a safe area to play and explore. The hutch features 3 separate doors for easy access to your pets, a ramp connecting the hutch and run, a trapdoor to close off access to the run if needed, a private sleeping compartment and market leading ceiling height and hutch depth.

Our 6ft Kendal Hutch and Run have the large hutch section on top of the run, keeping the overall footprint down while still giving your pets a considerably sized living environment.

Why The Kendal Range Is Different

The Kendal range offers your pets the high vantage point of a double or 2 tier because the hutch section is fitted on top of the run, not beside it. The doors to the hutch section are hinged to open out from the center, allowing easier access. We’ve also designed for the hutch, if needed to be facing backward, instead of forward-looking over the run.

The option to have the hutch in both ways makes things even easier for access. The process can be done anytime in Kendal’s lifespan or during assembly, simple turn the hutch section around and attach as per instructions.

The run section has loads of access for both small pets and their hooman owners. A door at the front allows access at ground level, this is perfect for small children, or so your pets can leave and explore the garden in the Summer. There is also a second entry point in the run section located on the roof. The roof access point can be used to place toys or treats inside or for general checking.

Great Customer Feedback

From the feedback, we kindly get from customers the general feeling is that their pets love the new freedom the Kendal range can offer. Leave the trap door to the ramp open and your pets can go up and down, in and out whenever they want. We would recommend placing some toys and hiding places in the lower run section. Accessories or “boredom breakers” in the run section will provide an excellent source of entertainment and mental stimulation for your pets. And when play times over and they feel like some privacy, they can go upstairs and enjoy a well-earned nap.

Playtime can be thirsty work; your furry little friends will thank you for putting an extra bottle downstairs for them.

Saftey Against Predators

The hutch section is where your pets go to feel secure at night; it’s the equivalent of an upstairs bedroom. As pet owners ourselves we know how important that the smaller members of the family are safe. That’s why the hutch floor including the door to the ramp is thick 10mm industrial grade plywood.

The hutch and run combo are also built be both sturdy and beautiful. Build using 10mm Scandinavian tongue and Groove timber walls, tough wire mesh panels and weatherproof water-based wood preservative that is safe for your pets. This all adds up to a long lasting hutch that will help keep your guinea pig healthy.

The side panels are also thick 10mm T&G timber. With plenty of bedding and the sleeping compartment door fully closed, it would be hard to know if there was anyone inside. And it’s this reason in our experience we’ve yet to see a better deterrent against predators like Foxes than a well made, big hutch.

Did You Know?

Your new 6ft Kendal comes delivered flat packed in two delivery boxes. But don’t throughout all the packaging just yet! Cardboard makes a great and inexpensive material to make some toys. Like this fantastic Toy Ball. You could even use the leftover cardboard to make a simple box, put some rabbit sized holes and some treats inside and you’ve got the beginning of a little adventure playground.

The Kendal Guinea Pig Combo is a good solution for people who may have a few guinea pigs as it provides ample space for both exercise and basic living. It is also good for younger owners because you can open the run door and take guinea pigs out at ground level reducing the risk of accidents. This makes it perfect for both new owners and people with years of experience raising guinea pigs.

The flat-packed assembly can be done by one person, although for safety we would recommend two people. We include a full set of instructions, screws and a little gift as a thank you from us in each pack.

As with all our hutches and runs, this combination is weatherproofed using animal safe, water-based, wood preservative, providing long-lasting protection from the elements.


  • Approx. Overall Run: 6ft x 3.7ft x 2ft Hutch: 6ft x 2ft x 2ft
  • Kendal Footprint: 114cm x 176cm
  • Hutch Roof Overhang: 180mm x 60cm
  • Interior Hutch Floor Space: 170cm x 51.5cm
  • Interior Hutch Height: 55cm
  • Interior Sleeping Area: 51.5cm x 52.5cm

H&R Recommends

  • Adding an extra feeding bowl and water bottle in the run area is recommended.
  • Trapdoor should be closed evenings to keep pets upstairs if they tend to wonder at night.
  • Covers and insulation available for the Hutch section.
  • Regular hutch cleaning will keep your pet healthy and extend the life of your hutch.
  • Apply a water-based wood preservative between seasons to maintain the durability of your hutch.
  • Always position in a safe and sheltered area in your garden.