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Camouflage Hedgehog House | Perfect For Hibernation Or As A Feeding Station


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  • HIBERNATION TIME: Airtec 1500 heat-reflecting insulation
  • ADAPTABLE: Use for hibernation or as a grandiose feeding station
  • EXTRAS: Featuring an adjustable predator-proof jet bridge and easy access side compartment
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Fully removable roof with locking toggles
  • PROTECTED: Treated with anti-bacterial biocide coating 
  • MADE IN BRITAIN: Hand-built in the UK using sustainable timber with a lower carbon footprint
  • HIDE IN PLAIN SIGHT: Camouflage finish blends the house into its surroundings, providing a comfortable and safe space for hedgehogs


  • Hibernation Area: Height 260 x Width 370 x Depth 350
  • Side Compartment Area: Height 230 x Width 370  x Depth 170
  • Access Tunnel Height: 170 X Width 160 X Depth 300

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Ultimate Hedgehog Hibernation

The Camouflage Hedgehog House has been designed from the ground up to help ease hedgehogs into hibernation. The natural earth tone shades represent security and safety for small animals and are perfect for vulnerable hogs. The base floor is quilted in Airtec 1500 insulation that reflects the Hedgehogs radiated body heat back up into the housing.

Or Use As A Safe Feeding Station

The house has also been designed with an easy-access food compartment so you can easily check, clean and replace the food. This can also be left open to provide two entrances/exits for emergencies. A retractable jet bridge prevents cats, foxes and other predators from gaining access.

Hedgehogs Don't Nest Were They Eat

Hedgehogs don't like hibernating where they eat so consider having a second house for feeding. More info on how to best help hedgehogs can be found by clicking here.

The roof is securable with locking toggles and treated with an anti-bacterial biocide preservative.

Sick or Injured Wildlife?

If you find a sick or injured hedgehog, contact the British Hedgehog Preservation Society on 018584 890801 for details on your nearest wildlife hospital or visit.  or for advice on how to help sick, injured or orphaned wildlife.

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