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Johnson’s Poultry Housing Spray 250ml | Protects For Several Months Against Infestation


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  • POULTRY HOUSING SPRAY: Ideal for use in pet housing and bedding, such as coops, hutches and aviaries
  • CONVENIENT AEROSOL: Use weekly or as required, spraying for 8 seconds per square metre
  • INSECTICIDE: Effectively kills fleas, lice, mites, ants and other common coop/hutch insects
  • PROTECT AGAINST RE-INFESTATION: Breaks the lifecycle of insects to prevent re-infestation
  • HSE APPROVED: An HSE-approved licensed product

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A convenient, easy-to-use aerosol spray, Johnsons Poultry Housing Spray has been specifically designed to kill mites, lice, fleas, larvae and other insects commonly found in coops and similar areas.

HSE approved, and effective at providing protection against re-infestation for several months, Johnson's Poultry Housing Spray works by breaking the lifecycle of small insects, so they don’t come back and infest again. Featuring Permethrin, S-Methoprene and Tetramethrin, it paralyses lice and its eggs to ensure instant death and disrupts growth in the body and mind causing hindrance in an older insects’ lifecycle.

Safety: For use only as an insecticide. Caution: Extremely flammable. Do not apply directly to animals.

Directions for Use: Shake well – Remove animals, birds, children, food and water from quarters to be treated, as well as pet bedding, shavings and similar material.  Spray a fine mist in a sweeping motion from about 30cm, to the surfaces of chicken coops, pigeon lofts, baskets, cages, aviaries and hutches etc, especially into cracks and crevices.  Spray for about 8 seconds per square metre of surface, then leave the area for 30 minutes. When these areas have dried and aired, replace with fresh bedding material etc before birds and animals are allowed to return. Spray weekly, or as required, and change bedding etc regularly.

Always read safety instructions, leaflets and/or packaging before use. While every care is taken to ensure product images, nutritional information and stated features are correct, these may vary slightly depending on manufacturer changes.  Should you have any concerns regarding use or effectiveness of this product, please contact the manufacturer directly. Always ensure access to clean, fresh water for your pet and discard any damaged or defective items to keep your pet safe and healthy.

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