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Peckish Robin Insect Mix 1kg


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  • TAYLORED TO ROBINS: Specially formulated to attract robins and other songbirds to your garden
  • HEALTHY: High in protein and enriched with mealworms
  • FEEDING: This mix can be placed in a seed feeder but for a ideal chance of being eaten by a Robin use in a ground feeder or on a bird table as this is where robin's prefer to dine
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Contains calvita, a natural nutrient supplement containing calcium and vitamins
  • KEEP FRESH: This product comes in a resealable pack so you can keep the seed fresh once open

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Peckish Robin Insect Mix

Bring the nation’s favourite bird into your garden. The familiar colourful red breast of the Robin will help to brighten up your garden. With a mix containing mealworms, the Robin’s favourite food, you are sure to see one in your garden.


How to Use


  • To use in bird feeders, simply pour the seed into a seed feeder
  • To feed on bird tables, scatter the seed across the table
  • Also suitable for feeding in tray and ground feeders
Why Use


1. Perfect for Robins

All ingredients are selected to attract Robins and other songbirds to your garden.

2. High in Protein

Enriched with mealworms – a favourite of Robins.

3. Calvita Vitamin Mix

Enriched with our unique blend of vitamins and nutrients that garden birds need to stay healthy. Calvita includes…

CAROTENOIDS – Develops feather colour and protects from sunlight damage

CALCIUM – Promotes bone & feather growth and essential for egg production

VITAMINS A,D,E & BIOTIN – Strengthens beaks & bones and helps growth & reproduction



  • Pinhead Oats
  • Kibbled Maize
  • Naked Oats
  • Sunflower Hearts
  • Red Millet
  • Kibbled Peanuts
  • Kibbled Wheat
  • Mealworms (2%)
  • Suet Pellets (Wheat Flour, Beef Tallow, Calcium Carbonate, Kibbled Peanuts, Dried Mealworms)
  • Oyster Shell Grit and Additives: Glycerine, Colourant

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