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Rosewood Keep Self Cooling Chillax Cool Pad No Electricity Needed | Large


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  • KEEPS COOL: Pad will be cooler than the surrounding temperature
  • LONG-LASTING: Up to 3-4 hours of constant use.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT: No electricity required, activated by weight or pressure, recharges as pet moves about.
  • MULTI USES: Ideal for pets bed, crate, kennel and car travel.
  • HELPS THE VULNERABLE: Perfect for pets prone to overheating.

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Designed to keep pets cool and comfortable on warm summer days.

Activated by the weight of the pet or pressure, this pad will maintain a temperature slightly lower than the ambient for up to three to four hours of constant use. It automatically recharges itself as your pet moves. This pad is ideal for beds, crates and travel.


  • Approx: 60cm x 90