Made In Britain

Squirrel Feeder Maze Labyrinth | Wooden Construction & Hinged Wired Front Panel | Fill up with Nuts & Watch Squirrels Search


About This Item

  • SQUIRREL MAZE FEEDER: Feed squirrels & have a laugh at the same time
  • NO ASSEMBLY NEEDED: Delivered fully assembled
  • EASY SETUP: Wall-mounted or place on a floor
  • MADE IN BRITAIN: Handmade in our workshop in Kent
  • HELPING SUSTAINABLE FORESTS: 2 trees planted for every 1 cut down


  • Width: 80cm
  • Height 47cm
  • Depth: 14.5cm

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Squirrel Feeders UK | If you can't beat them, Join them!

Our hand-made Squirrel Maze Feeder placed in an area away from your bird feeders can help discourage Squirrels from eating from bird feeders. Why not have some fun while you do it? And its healthier than watching the TV

Challenging Squirrel Feeder

Our gardens are places of huge importance to wildlife, by installing in your garden a challenging squirrel feeder like our Squirrel Feeder Maze you are keeping our bushy-tailed friends occupied and out of mischief.

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