4ft Single Rabbit Hutch Cover Day Dry™ Rain Cover – Home & Roost

4ft Single Rabbit Hutch Cover Day Dry™ Rain Cover

Keep your rabbits cosy with the Day Dry rabbit hutch rain cover. Crafted from durable Nylon & PVC, it shields from rain and sun. Velcro straps ensure a snug fit, while the tinted front adds style and protection. Water-resistant for dry, happy bunnies in any weather!

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Built to Last: High-Quality Nylon & PVC Cover Keeps Rabbits Dry

Crafted from durable Nylon & PVC, our rain cover means you won't be running to the store for a replacement anytime soon. Imagine telling your kids the cover is like a superhero cape for the hutch—strong and reliable. You'll save money and enjoy peace of mind, knowing your rabbits are snug and dry for the long haul.

Ultimate Weather Protection: Shield Your Rabbits from Rain and Sun

Rain or shine, your bunnies will be just fine! Our cover shields your furry friends from all the crazy weather, keeping their home comfy and dry. Picture this: while you’re cozy inside watching a movie, your rabbits are just as cozy outside, thanks to our cover. It's like giving them their own little fortress!

Stylish Shade: Tinted Front Design Protects Rabbits from the Sun

Think of our tinted front like a pair of stylish sunglasses for your rabbit's home. It keeps the hutch cool and shaded, even on those scorching summer days. Your rabbits will feel like they’re lounging under a beach umbrella, protected from the harsh sun, and you can rest easy knowing they’re comfy and safe.

Hassle-Free Setup: Easy Velcro Straps for Quick Hutch Cover Installation

Ever tried wrestling with a tent on a windy day? Installing our cover is nothing like that. With Velcro straps, it’s a breeze to secure. You’ll have it set up in minutes, leaving more time for cuddles with your rabbits. It's so easy, you might even let the kids help out!

Stay Put: Our Hutch Cover Ensures a Secure Fit, Even on Windy Days!

Windy days are no match for our cover! With two front buckle feet straps and two rear feet loops, it stays put no matter what. It's like giving your hutch a bear hug to keep it safe. No more worrying about finding the cover blown into the neighbor’s yard—your bunnies will stay protected.

Tailored to Perfection: Ensure Maximum Protection with Our Custom Hutch Cover

Tailored to fit your 4ft Chartwell Single Hutch perfectly, our cover looks sharp and works even better. It’s like a custom suit for your rabbit’s home, ensuring maximum protection and style. Your hutch will be the envy of the neighborhood, and your rabbits will love their snug, secure haven.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the rain cover fit all 4ft rabbit hutches?

The rain cover is designed to fit most standard 4ft Chartwell hutches perfectly, providing excellent coverage and protection from the elements​​.

How does the cover secure to the hutch?

The cover secures with strong Velcro straps and fastenings around the legs of the hutch, ensuring it stays in place even during windy conditions​​.

Is the cover easy to install?

Yes, the cover is easy to install and can be quickly put in place, offering immediate protection against rain and wind​​.

Does the cover provide good protection against heavy rain?

The cover is highly effective at keeping the hutch dry during heavy rain. After a downpour we recommend that you check the roof for any pooling of rain water, if any has built up just brush of with a broom or a brush.

Can the cover withstand strong winds?

While the cover is generally sturdy, in very high winds, make sure that the feet straps and buckles are secure and haven't worked loose. Positioning your hutch in a sheltered area away from strong wind is recommended not just to protect your hutch and cover but also reducing loud sounds for your pets.

Is the cover durable for long-term use?

The cover is made from durable materials and is designed to last through multiple seasons, with many users reporting long-term satisfaction​​. The cover is also covered by our 30 day warranty.

Does the cover allow for ventilation?

Yes, the cover has ventilation features to ensure that air circulates, preventing the hutch from becoming too hot or humid​​.

Is the front cover transparent?

The front of the cover is clear, allowing pets to see outside even during bad weather while still being protected from the elements​​.

What should I do if the cover doesn’t fit perfectly?

If the cover doesn't fit perfectly, you might need to adjust it or use additional fastenings. Contact customer service for assistance or a possible replacement​​.