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Peckish Natural Balance Coco-Not Wild Bird Feeder

Introducing the Peckish Coco-Not Feeder, an eco-friendly bird feeder made from 100% biodegradable plant and agricultural waste sourced in the UK. Filled with a high-energy suet mix of natural ingredients from UK and Irish farms, it supports wild birds year-round. Once empty, the shell can be composted, leaving no microplastics or pollutants. Packaged in recyclable materials and UK-manufactured, the Coco-Not Feeder promotes sustainability and reduces environmental impact​.

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Eco-Friendly Coconuts

Peckish Coco-Not feeders are filled with a high energy and fat suet mix that is made up with 100% UK and Irish sourced ingredients*. The shell is made from plant and agricultural waste which is suitable for home composting with no special processing to breakdown. There are zero microplastics or pollutants after the breakdown.

Better For The Environment

The Peckish Coco-Not Feeder is significantly better for the environment compared to traditional coconut feeders because it eliminates the need for long-distance shipping. Traditional coconut shells are often sourced from tropical regions and transported globally, contributing to high carbon emissions. In contrast, the Coco-Not Feeder is made from UK-sourced plant and agricultural waste, drastically reducing its carbon footprint. This local production not only minimizes transportation emissions but also supports sustainable agricultural practices within the UK, making the Coco-Not Feeder a greener, more eco-friendly choice for bird enthusiasts.

Where to site and how to use?

Site your Coco-Not feeder 2 metres from cover to make the feeder visible, whilst providing a safe place for birds to retreat.

Simply hang the Coco-Not feeders directly to a tree or dining station using the hanging loop or place on a bird table for birds to feast on.

Once the coco-Not is empty you can place the shell in your food waste bin or compost heap and watch the shell biodegrade.

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