4ft Chartwell Single Rabbit Hutch – Home & Roost

4ft Chartwell Single Rabbit Hutch

The 4ft Chartwell Single Luxury Rabbit Hutch, made in Britain from sustainable timber, provides a perfect blend of spaciousness and durability. Featuring robust side panels, exterior-grade ply flooring, and a removable cleaning bar, this hutch is designed for easy maintenance. Treated with pet-safe paint, it ensures long-lasting protection. Enhance your pet’s living space by attaching our compatible runs.

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Discover Why Our 6ft Chartwell Single Rabbit Hutch Is a Must-Have for Rabbit Owners!

Single tier rabbit hutches like this Chartwell are built to house up to two small pets. Unlike other single rabbit hutches, ours come with nearly 2ft of ceiling height and 2ft of depth.

Perfect for the beginner or a present for young children. A single level hutch is an excellent entry into the world of responsible small animal keeping.

Made in Britain with FSC Timber

Crafted with care in East Kent, our hutch uses European FSC timber. This means it's not only high quality but also supports sustainable forestry.

Imagine giving your rabbits a cozy, durable home while also doing your bit for the planet. Your kids will love knowing their pets are snug in a hutch made with love and respect for nature. After all, happy bunnies mean happy families, right?

Easy to Clean

Cleaning the hutch is a breeze with the removable cleaning bar at the base. No more struggling with awkward corners or hard-to-reach spots.

Customers love the convenience, making daily maintenance quick and hassle-free. Imagine spending less time cleaning and more time enjoying your pets. It’s as simple as a walk in the park, keeping both you and your rabbits happy.

Pet-Safe Treated Paint

Our hutch is treated with pet-safe paint, offering excellent weather protection. Your pets stay dry and cozy, no matter the season. And since the paint is non-toxic, you can rest easy knowing it’s safe for your animals.

Re-treat it within six months to keep it in top shape. It’s like giving your rabbits a weatherproof jacket, ensuring they stay snug and dry all year round.

Attaching Runs Available

Want to give your rabbits more space? Our hutch allows you to attach the 4ft Chartwell Run, 4ft XL Chartwell Run, or the 6ft Burrow Run. It’s like adding a playground to their home.

Your bunnies will love the extra room to hop, play, and explore. This feature ensures they stay active and entertained, giving you the joy of seeing them happy and healthy. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Robust Construction

Built to last, our hutch features 9mm timber side panels and 3.6mm exterior-grade ply flooring. It’s designed to weather any storm, keeping your pets safe and secure.

Think of it as a fortress for your rabbits. No more worries about flimsy hutches falling apart. This one’s as sturdy as they come, giving you peace of mind and your pets a reliable sanctuary.

Large & Spacious Design

Our hutch boasts nearly 2 feet of depth and height. This spacious design lets your rabbits hop around, stretch, and even stand tall.

Picture your bunnies enjoying their new roomy home, while you relax knowing they have plenty of space to stay active. It’s like giving them a luxury apartment instead of a cramped studio. Because who wouldn’t want their pets living their best lives?

Single Rabbit Hutch always made in Britain

Proud members of the Made in Britain Campaign

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Frequently Asked Questions

What size hutch do I need for my rabbits?

We always recommend creating the largest space possible for your pets. Always add a run and ensure your rabbits spend more time out of the hutch than in it. Treat the hutch as a bedroom, not a house.

Is the wood used in the hutch safe for my rabbits?

Yes, the hutch is crafted from European FSC timber and treated with non-toxic, pet-safe paint, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for your rabbits.

How easy is the hutch to assemble?

The hutch is shipped flat-packed for quick and easy assembly. You’ll need basic tools like a screwdriver however we recommend an electric screwdriver to speed things up. Some of the panels can be heavy, having someone to help you will also make things go faster.

Can the hutch withstand bad weather?

Yes, the hutch is treated with pet-safe paint for weather protection. For added durability, re-treat within six months to keep your hutch in top condition. We recommend adding a rain cover to increase the protection from colder weather.

How often do I need to clean the hutch?

Regular cleaning is recommended, at least once a week. Check every day how your pets are acting in your new hutch, looking for areas that get more use will help you catch spots that need extra attention and improve bonding with your pets! The removable cleaning bar at the base makes this task easy, helping you maintain a hygienic environment for your rabbits.

Are there any additional accessories or runs that I can attach to the hutch?

Yes, you can attach the 4ft Chartwell Run, 4ft XL Chartwell Run, or 6ft Burrow Run to expand your rabbits’ living space and keep them active.

What is the warranty on the hutch?

The hutch comes with a 2-year warranty covering all parts, giving you peace of mind with your purchase.

Is the hutch predator-proof?

Yes, the hutch is designed with sturdy materials and secure locks to protect your rabbits from predators like foxes and cats. Foxes will try to get in if they see something they want, so it's important to include plenty of bedding in the sleeping area. This allows your pets to burrow deep into the closed section, making them invisible to predators.

Can the hutch be used indoors and outdoors?

The hutch is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It provides excellent protection against weather when used outdoors, especially with a cover.

What are the dimensions of the hutch?

The hutch measures 1220mm in width (including roof overhang), 730mm in height, and 650mm in depth, making it spacious yet compact enough for most gardens or homes.


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