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The Best Christmas Treats for Your Bunny

The Best Christmas Treats for Your Bunny

Jess Faraday |

The holidays are right around the corner. Make sure you don't forget your pet rabbit! Your bunnies may not be able to help you hang the lights, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t appreciate their own stocking stuffers. What are the best Christmas presents for rabbits on the market? 

Christmas Presents for Rabbits?

It’s true, holidays are a human thing. But so is sharing holiday cheer.

The most loved presents are the ones that we use and enjoy. For rabbits, this comes down to three things: food, comfort, and entertainment.

It’s even better when you can combine them!

Chewable treats  can provide nutrition, but also can promote dental health. And if they’re in puzzle form, they can also add an element of mental challenge.

Practical gifts are important, too. Expanding your bunnies' living space will give them years of increased enjoyment. And make sure to add a new bed or food bowl.

Rosewood Edible Christmas Puzzle Tree For Small Animals

Your rabbit or guinea pig will love this edible Christmas-themed puzzle.

Anybunny will tell you that the best Christmas gift is one you can eat. All the better if that gift can add some new mental stimulation, too.

The Christmas tree shaped box holds nine festive -- and edible -- pieces: two tree-trunk shaped pieces, six ornaments, and a star.

The entire puzzle is built from wood and healthy compressed alfalfa hay. The hay supports healthy digestion, and the wood promotes dental health. It's a quick way to add enjoyment and health to your little pet's holidays.

On top of that, the puzzle as a whole will provide your rabbit hours of playtime.

Rosewood Naturals Festive Fruit Tree for Small Animals

At the holidays, we all look forward to a feast. This toy can be part of a holiday feast for your rabbit.

It may look like any other food toy, but it contains a wealth of delicious rabbit-friendly delicacies such as apple, coconut, parsley, millet, wheat, and mountain bilberry. All of the ingredients are 100 percent natural, too.

Hang this ornament from the ceiling of your enclosure to give your rabbit a challenge as well as a tasty tidbit.

Rosewood Christmas Pudding Snuggle Bed for Small Animals

After a day of holiday-themed play,  a warm, plush bed is a gift your pets can use.

It’s true -- dogs and cats aren’t the only ones who appreciate somewhere soft to lay their heads. This bed is thirty-four inches in diameter -- the perfect size for rabbits and other small pets, alone or to share. It’s composed of soft, snuggly fabric. It's a quick way to add some holiday cheer.

Add to that the fact that it’s machine washable, so you can share the holiday spirit all year long.

Rosewood Naturals Small Animal Treats Celebration Cake

Rabbits, like the rest of us, need to watch their sugar. This bunny cake is both healthy for your pet and guilt-free for you.

Measuring seven centimeters high and 14 centimeters in diameter, this pet cake has a base of edible cellulose. Add a “frosting” of shaved carrot and coconut. And on top? Add herb and veg balls and edible flower petals.

Best of all, inside is a filling of herbal salad mix that pets will love.

It's a great gift that will keep your bunnies content and entertained.

Rosewood Naturals Wintery Hay Cottage, Medium

Is it food or is it a hidey-hole for your pets? This winter cottage can be either. 

This cottage provides a cozy, enclosed space for your pet to get away from it all. But it’s also built to be chewed!

The walls are constructed from safe, fun-to-chew parchment board, which can help your bunnies to keep their teeth in check. The walls are coated in tasty, healthy meadow hay. And the snow on the roof? Yummy coconut.

The weather outside may be frightful, but this bunny cottage is delightful.

Rosewood Naturals Christmas Baubles Treat Challenge

What’s more fun than a tasty, chewable goodie? Something that challenges mind and body, too, like this festive treat challenge toy from Rosewood Naturals.

First, you get a base made from chewable, pet-safe parchment board. Next, you coat it in healthy, tasty hay. Finally, attach baubles filled with beetroot, carrot, and coconut for a tempting treat that’s devilishy tricky, too. 

This natural, well-made food toy will provide hours of holiday-themed fun for your pets.

6ft Folding Canterbury Rabbit Run

Toys and treats are lots of fun for your pets. But nothing shows your pet how much you care like expanding their world. 

A sturdy, spacious small pet run like our 6-foot Folding Canterbury Rabbit Run is a quick way to double your rabbits' space. It also makes a great Christmas present.

As we’re fond of saying, a hutch is not enough.  In addition to as much living space as you can afford to give them, rabbits need a large, safe place to exercise. A rabbit run is one of a number of options.

We make all of our runs in the United Kingdom from solid wood and chew-resistant galvanized wire. The wood is weatherproofed using a pet-safe water based wood treatment. Add a run protector for quick protection from sun and wind.

We also make our runs to work hand in hand with our hutches, to make a seamlessly integrated living and exercise space.

5ft Chartwell Double Hutch

And speaking of hutches…

How much space does your rabbit need, exactly?

For living space, the RSPCA recommends a minimum of three metres long by one metre wide by one metre high. That doesn’t include a big exercise space.

Our five-foot Chartwell Double Hutch provides generous living space for a pair of rabbits. (If you have more than two, however, you may have to rethink your options and space requirements).

Constructed in the United Kingdom from high quality timber and chew-resistant galvanized wire, our two-tier hutch has two floors connected by a ramp. 

There is also a top-floor bunny box where your rabbits can watch over their kingdom while staying out of sight.

We treat our hutches and runs with a pet-safe water-based wood treatment. However, if you want additional protection from the elements, check out our tough, quick fitting hutch covers.

So, is it time for a new hutch for your bunnies?

Are You Ready for the Holidays?

Rabbits are family members. And whether you’re preparing for a White Christmas or Eight Crazy Nights, your rabbit should be part of the celebration.

What have your favourite rabbit gifts been in the past?  Are there other options we should try? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!